Minutes of Community Meeting, February 20, 2013

NSCC Campus OCE&E Building, Room 220B

Directors Present: Jan Brucker, Kay Mesirow, Tom Meyer, Melanie Davies, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present: Ken Thompson (Liaison to North Precinct.

Visitors: Orestes “Monty” Monterecy (North Seattle Community College Vice President of Administrative Services, Director of Facilities and Operations and Capital Projects Manager), Jean Wirch, Amy Lazerte (Fundraising Lead for Licton Springs P-Patch Team).

President Jan Brucker called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes. The January 16, 2013 minutes were approved as presented.


North 100th Street Sidewalks. Melanie Davies reported on sidewalks for North 100th Street. She has spoken with Ken Lee at SDOT. Sidewalks for 100th are being “bundled” with Rapid Ride for Aurora. The sidewalks are in the design phase now and outreach will be taking place later this spring. The next sidewalk phase will be on the north side between Stone and Densmore, with construction in the early fourth quarter. Jan asked about the response of residents who have used the area for parking. SDOT should be ready with response to those resisting the installation of sidewalks.

There is to be a signal put in at 95th and Aurora. Monty Monterecy offered that that traffic calming needs to be looked at to show down cars rushing through neighborhood streets to avoid the light.

NSCC Tennis Courts. Monty gave out copies of the application for funding for the repair of the tennis courts. Jan said she would get support letter for the project finalized. Monty thanked us, saying that they had indicated the project had community support.

Safety on NSCC Campus. Kay Mesirow asked Monty about security on the campus after the recent assaults in the North End. Amy Lazerte said that security has been very aware and had walked her to the bus and even driven her home when she was on campus in the evening for meetings/working.

Licton Springs P-Patch. Licton Spings P-Patch Fundraising Lead, Amy LaZerte, spoke about the Spring Fling event and other fundraising possibilities. She thought the suggestion of a shopping bag with the P-Patch motto was a great idea, as was selling tilex. Jan suggested “We dig Licton Springs P-Patch” yard signs. The yard signs would raise public awareness of the P-Patch and show support for it.

Ideas for the Spring Fling, which will take place Saturday, March 23, 2013, are: a groundbreaking ceremony, lively music; food; crafts for kids; display of tool sharpening techniques. Amy is looking into having the goat lady and her goats for a demonstration. She said she needs to find out if the goats are kid-friendly.

The kids’ games would be old fashioned carnival type games, i.e. tossing balls into barrels. A game of throwing a frog beanbag at cattails (a Licton Springs sponsored game) was suggested.

It was suggested that Michael Brokaw should be invited.

Another event that Amy has thought about is “Honoring the Pear Tree.” This is probably an event separate from the Spring Fling event, since it involves a funeral for the tree. It was suggested that an artist could paint/decorate the tree and transform it to be something that could come back to the P-Patch.

Amy told us that the P-Patch was remaining with the P-Patch Trust since receiving the assurance that service will improve. It was moved, seconded, that LSCC will act as backup fiscal agent for the P-Patch. A discussion of what being a fiscal agent entails followed. The motion passed.

Tom Meyer will check with “his knife guy,” who makes home calls to sharpen knives, etc. Having folks from Home Depot or Lowes was discussed. Amy said that she would rather have the tool sharpener be independent or from a small business.

Amy passed out flyers for the P-Patch that she requested that we distribute to our neighbors. She also mentioned that Christian Rusby is back in the office.

Murals at Wilson Pacific. There was a discussion about the Indian murals at Wilson Pacific. There is great concern about preserving the murals if the school is rebuilt.


Foot Bridge Across I-5 to Transit Center. Monty informed us that the project is going forward with funding from the State, City, and SDOT. All experts are ready to testify. There are questions about safety, maintenance and who will control. NSCC wants to control the western node. They need to look at land use pressures. There is no parking on the west side.

Capital projections are right on track for a project this size. There is a lot coming up: How do you deal with handicapped access; fun, discussion, just a lot coming up. Jan said that she would like to be involved.

North Precinct. Jan asked what was known about the transition for the North Precinct now that there was funding for a new site. She wondered whether NSCC could find a use for the building. The timeline for the new location of the North Precinct is on a “fast train” with the goal to be in the new facility in 2014.

Tom Meyer pointed out that the City must first make the property available to other City Departments.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 20, 2013.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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