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November 4, 2005
Licton Springs Community Council Report for November
North Precinct Advisory Council Report for November 2, 2005

From the onset of the meeting, President Pete Rogerson said it would be a little different, and it was. Our featured guest for the evening was to be Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer, but due to conflicting requirements he was not able to be in attendance.

The first order of business was to insure that there would be no repeat of the “shouting match” that highlighted last month’s meeting (really bad form, you know!). President Rogerson let us all know that such antics would not be tolerated in the future. Enough said, eh?

Moving on, President Rogerson turned the meeting over to Acting Captain Mike Washburn for an update on the activities in the North Precinct. Over the last month things looked like this:

On October 13 th, there was an attempted robbery at a north end business, but when one of the patrons yelled at the knife brandishing crook, he fled. Someone else had noted the description of the get-away car and the suspect was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

On October 17 th, the North Precinct got a call about some suspicious activity in the parking lot of the Northgate Mall. A suspect was taken into custody and his vehicle searched. The result was a haul of about $36,000.00 worth of cocaine.


October 21 st had the arson investigators busy again. Fires were being set in dumpsters and vehicles. I guess they didn’t catch anyone......yet.


A robbery and assault was attempted by a 40-year old man on the 24 th of October (along the Burke-Gilman Trail, I think). The victim put up a good fight and the crook got the “Gray-Bar Hotel.”


There were several “Mary-Jane” busts in the last month. They went down in the 4700 block of 12 th Northeast, and another in Lake City. The “big one” came on the tip from a local resident in the 700 block of 91 st Northeast. It seems that a “rental house” (with no occupants) was really a very large and sophisticated grow operation.


The long arm of the law will be looking into the details of “who is involved” in this one. The “revolving door” at drug court is turning a little harder these days. Those involved in drug-related crimes will stay in jail until they have been seen by a judge. In the past they only saw a “booking clerk” and were given a court date and released....not any more.


Diane Horswill (Crime Prevention Officer) reports that the number of “walk-in” burglaries is on the increase. People just don’t seem to get the idea that they need to be locking their doors even when they are home or “have just stepped out for a minute”! Evidence shows that those that commit this type of crime just go door to door until they find one that is not locked and walk in. It’s just that simple!


There have also been several incidents of people coming to the door and claiming to be someone from a City or County agency (City Light, water district, etc.) in an attempt to gain entry to the home. All real service agency personnel will have photo identification and will not mind showing it to you. ASK!!!!!


The newly formed “GAIN” was again well represented and reported that the most recent City Council meeting gave over an hour in discussion to the topic of “public safety” and the prospect of adding more police officers. Way to go! (Other topics and speakers got about ten to fifteen minutes?)


NPAC’s George Holzapfel reported that there is about $55 Million surplus in the City budget for next year, however, about $29 Million of that is spoken for. Maybe the City Council will be persuaded by the likes of “GAIN” to shift a little more of that surplus to things like adding more police officers. For those that might like to follow the budget proceedings or express an opinion, the direct line to the council members is: budget@seattle.gov.


Committee member Doug Thiel asked for input from the group about what topics might be “hot button” issues in the future. Some of the suggestions were:


  • The City’s “revolving door” policy for criminals. (We might invite more judges to be guest speakers. They are always informative and enlightening.)
  • How to deal with the “Drunk and Disorderly” (being drunk is not a crime, being disorderly is).
  • We should invite someone from the area of mental health professionals to speak on the topic of mental health as it applies to those living on the street.
  • Someone to address the ongoing problem of prostitution along the Aurora (Highway 99) corridor.
  • What can be done about the problem of “auto-camping” (can anything be done)?


Ken Thompson

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