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Spring Clean-up

Green Space

Wilson Site Update



Spring Clean 2001 Campaign

There are going to be work parties sponsored by the Seattle Parks Department and TREEmendous Seattle at Licton Springs Park on 2/24, 3/31, and 4/21. There will be an article in our March newsletter with more information.

95th & Interlake Greenspace

After its first year as a community greenspace, our woodsy little street park off Ashworth is doing well. Our small band of weeders and waterers have been visiting regularly over the last twelve months, and our biggest fears that the morning glory and blackberries would take over the site did not materialize. However, they did mount a counterattack of tiny new starts that had to be rooted up every two weeks or so. We also lost plants and shrubs due to unknown causes-disease, soil conditions, etc. This was expected though, and there is still a bounty of diverse growth going on. As soon as the rains start, we won't be watering again until summer, but the weeding will definitely continue through the Fall until things literally die down. Please visit and enjoy! --Bob Messina, 528-7790

Wilson Site Update

Have you seen it? If not, I'm sure you've smelled it-Wilson Pacific school is getting a new roof. It turns out that all that stuff piled on the old tennis courts is roofing material, but the pile should diminish as the work is completed. That is good news. But the news about the inside of the buildings is not so good. Currently the Wilson Pacific buildings hold SPICE, Indian Heritage and several administration offices with more offices coming this fall. CoHo School has permanently moved. SPICE is still active at the site, but Indian Heritage is under stress, as their principal resigned over the summer and they now share a principal with Marshall School. They have been assigned an assistant principal/on-site manager, David Paul, who's been given another year or two to make the program viable. Mr. Paul is determined to do just that, but he needs community support. The administration offices could and probably will move to the old Post Office building when it becomes available, at which time the site may be used for a middle school-its original purpose--or possibly be surplused, which would make it available to this community. Whatever happens to the site I just hope we don't have to watch it deteriorate daily as we have been these last years. On October 1st the Indian Heritage Program sponsored a Powwow to celebrate its 95th anniversary. It was very well attended. Their goal is to grow and to implement an enriching curriculum that will make Indian Heritage soar again. Community help would be appreciated, If you have a desire to work for and with kids please contact David Paul at Indian Heritage, -Liz Kearns


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