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North Precinct Reports


Minutes of Community Meeting, February 17, 2010,
NSCC Conference Room IB2311

Directors Present: Liz Kearns, Tom Meyer, Debra Willendorf, Kay Mesirow, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present: Ken Thompson (Liaison to North Precinct).

Visitors: Bruce Kieser (Facilities and Plant Operations Director for North Seattle Community College), and Jean Wirch.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.

Minutes: The January 20, 2010 minutes were approved as presented (with amendments).

Treasurer’s Report: Debra Willendorf handed out copies of the Treasurer’s Reports for the period January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009, and for the period January 1, 2010 through February, 2010.

There was discussion. Our only expenses in 2009 were for Halloween expenses. Debra assured Liz that LSCC would have sufficient funds to pay for Halloween this year. It was noted that LSCC had received the $785.00 donation for Kay Mesirow’s volunteer hours for the community. We still have a balance of copies at the UPS Store, and our account at SCCF has a balance of $2027.36.

Debra provided Liz with the bank statements and it was confirmed that the Treasurer’s Report amounts matched the bank statements.

The Treasurer’s Reports were approved unanimously.

There was discussion regarding using PayPal. We could have a link in the online Currents Newsletter that would take readers to the Licton Springs website, where PayPal would be installed. This would take place after we have achieved 501(c)(3) status.

Discussion continued. It was noted that the amount of dues paid has decreased. It was suggested that sending everyone our History Booklet with a letter asking for support could be effective. Our History Booklet was produced through a grant we received after participating in community planning. We don’t have enough Booklets to do a big mailing.

It was suggested that we should ask Scott about the possibility and cost of producing the Booklet in a less expensive form. Some cost would, of course, be incurred in changing the format of the Booklet.

It was pointed out that there are non-English speaking residents in the neighborhood. Discussion followed. We could have the Booklet translated into different languages on our website. Our mailing could have the message, “If you speak __________ go to the Licton Springs website to find a translation.” Of course, there will be costs in connection with the translation of our Booklet into other languages. Bruce Kieser told us that the College keeps a list of multiple language speakers (through advisors) and that we would possibly obtain a list of individuals willing to help translate.

Liz volunteered to contact G. Scott!! Design about our History Booklet.


North Seattle Community College. Bruce Kieser reported that he had been in Olympia today, speaking with legislators about the importance of education funding. He noted that the general climate was good at this time for community colleges.

Bruce had hoped to be able to show us sketches of the new NSCC building, but the architect was not ready with them yet. He said he’d have something for us to see at our next meeting.

He mentioned again the preparedness training going on at the College. It is very important to drill and get familiar with the lines of communication with the Fire Department and Police Department that are so critical during an emergency.

Bruce said that all K-12 schools have been “mapped” and have lines of response in place. Now community colleges are being “mapped” and NSCC is the first to be “mapped” and run drills. Ken Thompson commented it was amazing that it has taken so many years because changes were begun after Columbine. Bruce responded that funding had a lot to do with how long it has taken.

Future Meetings. Liz stated that she was hesitant to invite Captain Clark, Alan Ward, or Jeff Caldwell to come to our meetings since we were so few people. Bruce commented that it is appropriate to invite them to stop by one of our meetings to introduce themselves.

Liz said she had contacted Sherry Carr, who had indicated she wanted to come to one of our meetings, but not had a response back as yet.

Ken told us that Captain Clark comes to the North Precinct Advisory Committee meetings, which are open to the public.

The NPAC meets the first Wednesday of the month in a room that is at the south end of the cafeteria on your right as you head toward the back door. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. If the agenda for upcoming meetings is received seven to ten days before the meetings, we should send them out on the List Serve. There are guest speakers invited to the NPAC meetings and members of the community might be interested in attending.

Land Use. Tom Meyer said there has been no activity for quite some time, just single family alterations.

Licton Springs Park. Liz gave a pitch for the work parties in Licton Springs Park. She explained that in past years the work was supported by Earth Corps, but not this year. Plants have been received, but help would be greatly appreciated. There are all kinds of “jobs” tailored to what a person is able to do. Now it is just five dedicated individuals who come every time to work in the Park.

Bruce suggested contacting Mari Acob-Nash, who is Director of International Student Programs/Studies. These students need to complete volunteer hours.

Northwest District Council. Liz said she is attending this month’s meeting in place of Jerry Owens. She will summarize the meeting and send us the summary.

Corporate Matters. We began our review the Amended Bylaws of Licton Springs Community Council. Because not everyone had brought a copy of the Amended Bylaws, Ellen read them aloud.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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