Minutes of Community Meeting, January 16, 2013

NSCC Campus OCE&E Building, Room 220B

Directors Present: Jan Brucker, Liz Kearns, Kay Mesirow, Tom Meyer, Melanie Davies, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present: Ken Thompson (Liaison to North Precinct.

Visitors: Jean Wirch, Margaret Bartley, Laura Sweany (Licton Springs P-Patch Project Manager), and Orestes Monterecy (North Seattle Community College Vice President of Administrative Services, Director of Facilities and Operations and Capital Projects Manager).

President Jan Brucker called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Minutes. The October 17, 2012 minutes were previously approved as presented.


North Seattle Community College. Orestes Monterecy, North Seattle Community College Vice President of Administrative Services, Director of Facilities and Operations and Capital Projects Manager, told us about the Technology Building renovation project at NSCC. There will be labs and classrooms for the College’s health, medical and science programs. A new Human Biology and Science Center will include a lab for anatomy, physiology and biology with an intergraded prep area. There will be a cafeteria on the ground floor. The construction is creating 142 new jobs for the builders.

LSCC Website. Liz Kearns reported working with Lisa Henry, who will be taking over work on our website. She said there was a need for an updated roster. Amy is looking at options for updating the website and is going to take a class on designing websites. She has already done some updating of the website and will come to our February meeting.

North Precinct. Ken Thompson reported that the January meeting of the North Precinct Advisory Council had been a good one. The speakers were from the Arson/Bomb Squad. One had reported on the Squad’s bomb sniffing dog, who works for “cookies.” This dog recognizes 19,000 different odors and is always on duty. That’s amazing!

Maple Leaf, Etc. Melanie Davies announced that she plans to attend the Maple Leaf Community meeting and wondered if anyone else was interested.

Melanie did attend the Thornton Creek meeting last month. They are doing a study of the North Fork, trying to find out where degradation is coming from. They are using a test based on e coli. They can also test for DNA, using a system used in Portland, Oregon. Thornton Creek believes that the encampments are the source of the e coli. The water quality must be improved. The next step is to open up the area by the community center.

Melanie was asked by Liz about the North 100th sidewalks. Melanie reported she has called but not gotten replies. She will try again.

Rapid Ride. Margaret Bartley had questions about the Rapid Ride stops on Aurora. Liz suggested getting someone to come to speak to us from Metro.

Licton Springs P-Patch. Laura Sweany, Project Manager for the Licton Springs P Patch, who is in her fifth week in the position, told us that the P-Patch is going forward. She told us the LA Studio’s design is 90% complete. She told us of the various subcommittees of the P-Patch Team: Outreach (Pennie O’Grady, lead), Fundraising (Amy LaZerte, lead), Site Liaison & Materials (Carol Howe, lead), Marketing (Emma Yip, lead), Grant Documentation (Lindsey Gregerson, lead), Volunteer Coordination (Vicki O’Keefe, lead), and Events (needs a lead). She said that the City wants more community members involved. The P-Patch will be done by the end of the summer. More members are needed for the steering committee. It was suggested that perhaps Roger Turner could be asked to spread the word.

Jan volunteered that the LSCC would help with events. Laura stated that there were matching funds available to pay for music and food, tents.

Jan suggested that a book exchange event could be held and asked Orestes Monterecy if the College would be interested – the answer was yes. Monty said that in the past they had held a plant exchange in the garage and that it went well. There is good lighting and you don’t have to worry about the weather. There is also the possibility of options for other space on the campus.

Laura said that there would be goats on site after the removal of the trees (the Heritage Pear Tree, and perhaps others after the health of all was assessed). It was thought that perhaps an event could be planned with the removal of the tree and the visit of the goats.

Funding was discussed. Levy funds would be available in a couple of weeks. Matching funds are received two weeks after submitting the paperwork, but it was not known at this time who would be submitting.

The website is http:// There is also a facebook page for the P-Patch.

The next meeting for the Steering Committee is the second Wednesday of the month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the College Green Room.

There was discussion on the timing of an event to publicize the P-Patch. It was decided that we should aim for Saturday, March 23rd, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

NSCC Tennis Courts. Monty reported that they are going to redo the tennis courts at the south end of the campus. These are really in bad shape. The surfacing needs to be redone, as well as the fencing. There is also a basketball backboard there. Student funds will be donated to the project.

Northwest District Council. Tom Meyer reported on the last meeting of the Northwest District Council. The street projects were discussed. Tom said the one involving us is the greenway from Carkeek Park to the Northgate Transit Center.

Northgate Marie Callenders. Melanie reported that the Marie Callenders is going to become a 75-room hotel.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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1 Accessing the website on 02/10/13, Oralia Cruz is listed as Events Lead.