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North Precinct Reports


Minutes of Community Meeting July 20, 2011,
NSCC Conference Room B2311

Directors Present:

Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Kay Mesirow, Tom Meyer, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present:
Ken Thompson (Liaison to North Precinct) and Kathleen Braden (List Serve).

Visitors: Bruce Kieser (Facilities and Plant Operations Director for North Seattle Community College), Thomas Whittemore (Department of Neighborhoods, Neighborhood District Coordinator, North Region Team), Melanie Davies, and Jan Brucker.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

The June 15, 2011 minutes were approved as presented.


North Seattle Community College
Bruce Kieser told us about a federal grant for developing sustainable communities in the Puget Sound area – doing things today that don’t jeopardize future generations’ well-being and quality of life. There is a $5 million study for the Puget Sound area in connection with sustainability. In the Bremerton/
Tacoma/Seattle area that involves building light rail to reach Northgate in the north and Redmond in the east, and constructing a pedestrian bridge across I-5 to link up the College and the Transit Center.

The cost of the pedestrian bridge is between $16 – 18 million. It will be from 12-14 feet wide, wide enough to allow maintenance vehicles. It will accommodate pedestrians and bike riders. They are studying to determine the best alignment for the bridge.

Discussion followed of other pedestrian bridges, including safety concerns when crossing in late hours.

Federation Dues
There was a discussion about continuing to pay Federation dues. Jan Brucker volunteered to go to their meetings. After more discussion, Jan moved to continue to pay Federation dues, Kay Mesirow seconded, and the motion was passed unanimously. Liz said she would e-mail Debra Willendorf to pay the Federation dues.

501(c)(3) Refund. The $450.00 refund from the IRS was discussed. Ellen Beck reported talking with Agent David Schaeff. He said he had not requested a refund for us, but that it was more likely than not that the refund was ours to keep.

Discussion followed regarding potential uses for our funds. Ellen suggested getting more historical booklets printed. Kathleen Braden brought up translating the booklet into different languages. The census can be looked at to determine which foreign languages are most frequently found in our neighborhood. It was suggested that the translations of our booklet could be posted on our website.

Seattle Night Out
August 2nd is the official Neighbors’ Night Out for 2011. Everyone was encouraged to organize with their neighbors on their streets to have a party. Streets can apply to have traffic blocked from entering, and the kids can enjoy playing in the street this one time each year! Having a potluck and barbecue is a great way to meet and get better acquainted with your neighbors. Thomas Whittemore said that if the August 2nd night out wasn’t convenient, neighbors can have a neighborhood party anytime!

Book Exchange
Jan brought up the idea of having a book exchange event for the neighborhood. This is a great way to give your well-read books to a new home and get new unread books to enjoy. Kay said we could mention this in the E-Currents.

Service Exchange
Having a service exchange in the neighborhood is another idea. Fremont had one that was called Fremont Time. It was believed that Wedgewood has also had an exchange. This is where neighbors exchange services and thereby eliminate the exchange of money for services. It would be great to have such a system, especially in down economies.

Assessor Lloyd Hara
Liz has been in contact with an aide to Assessor Lloyd Hara. He would come and speak to us, if we so desire. Jerry Owens said that the Assessor had come to the Northwest District Council. Jerry reported our revenue system is “revenue neutral assessment.” This means that revenues remain stable no matter what happens in the economy. This puts the State of Washington in a much better position, as contrasted with the State of California.

This could be a potentially large meeting. We need to publicize it, really get the word out. We can publicize it in the E-Currents, notice on the ListServe, and perhaps a flyer. Kay volunteered to contact Roger Turner and get information about the delivery of his newsletter to homes. There is also a Roosevelt paper.

Candidate Questionnaire
Liz asked about reactions to the Candidate Questionnaire from the Maple Leaf Community Council. Everyone was asked to review the Candidate Questionnaire and see if we are interested in doing something similar. Liz offered to re-send the e-mail with the questionnaire.

It would also be good to find out when and where various candidate forums are happening in the neighborhoods. These could be publicized.

Land Use Issues
Tom Meyers reported that he had noted applications for eight new single family homes: 85th and Midvale; and Interlake and 85th. He had no issues to report.


Thank you went to Kathleen Braden and Tom Meyers for taking care of the LSCC Facebook page. It was suggested that there should be a link on our website to our Facebook page.

Northwest District Council
Jerry Owens reported that the new Chairman for the Northwest District Council is Rick Klingele, who is the Greenwood Community Council Vice President.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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