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Minutes of Board Meeting
June 21, 2006
NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present:

Liz Kearns and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present:

Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative).

Visitors: Jean Wirch, Joe Linscheid, Lauren Linscheid, Donna Linn, John Landahl, and Gabriel Pedersen (Legislative Aid to King County Councilman Bob Ferguson).

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Liz explained that Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, and Kay Mesirow would not be present and their absences would be excused. Introductions were next made around the tables.

Minutes: The May 17, 2006 minutes were approved as presented (but later amended in part per June 26, 2006 e-mail message).


Andrew Morrison. Liz announced that the Seattle School District has given Andrew Morrison permission to paint another panel on the east wall at Wilson-Pacific School. Andrew painted the Chief Seattle mural in 2002. He now plans to paint a panel with Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce (one of the most famous Indians in American history), again with the sponsorship of the Potlatch Fund. Liz has attempted to get Andrew to use the farthest north panel for the Chief Joseph mural, but is unsure whether Andrew will do so or not. She suggested the advantages of having a mural of a pioneer woman or women between the murals of the two Indian chiefs.

Liz told a bit about Andrew’s interesting story. He originally was a young tagger who eventually went to school to study art. (Note: His website is You can view his artwork there.)

Pillings Pond Preservation Society Request: Liz said that there would be someone from the PPP Society at our July meeting to talk about their request to use the bond donated for the Licton Springs Park Playground project for Pilling’s Pond signage. Discussion followed.

Ellen reported that she had talked to one of her bosses (a lawyer) about the situation. In that discussion it was pointed out that it was not a straightforward situation. The gray area is created because the donation was originally made in support of the Licton Springs Park Playground project to LSCC, a public entity. PPP Society is a private entity, separate from LSCC. Discussion followed. People were not comfortable with the public entity to private entity giving. Also, it was felt that surely in the future, funds would be needed for the Park Playground. For example, we have been advised that we should be putting additional fibar in place.

Newsletter: We will be doing an August Newsletter to publicize our September to December, 2006 meetings. Liz announced that anyone with stories or articles should submit them.

Seattle Night Out 2006: This year the Night Out is going to be Tuesday, August 1, 2006. Anyone interested in hosting a Night Out function should contact the Police Department. Hosting a Night Out gives neighbors a chance to meet and talk. It’s a great opportunity to solicit comments and concerns. Liz urged all Board members to host a Night Out on their street.

Wilson-Pacific School: The question about the future of Wilson-Pacific School is back up in the air. The announced plan to move the Summit K-12 program into Wilson-Pacific has been dropped. This is disappointing for us because having a school functioning at the site has been a priority for Licton Springs Community Council for years!


North Seattle Community College: Liz announced that the Bruce Kieser had told her in an e-mail message that the College “has been asked to look at the feasibility of adding a program where social services, employment security, and training programs can be integrated for improved services to students where these services are located at one facility.” The College is looking at modifying existing buildings, or constructing a new building to create such a program. This project is in the study phase and we will hear more about it as the project develops. Discussion followed receipt of this information.

Liz noted that NSCC is active in the community. They attend all of the Northgate planning meetings, and even host them at the College. Liz said she hoped that a result of the Northgate planning meetings could be a pedestrian overpass over the freeway at North 100th. This would allow instructors, staff and students coming to NSCC to arrive by bus (or someday light rail) at the Northgate Transit Center and walk over to the College. Of course, we could also use the overpass to walk over to Northgate or to the Transit Center. Wouldn’t that be great for everyone?

Northgate Festival: Liz announced that the second annual Northgate Festival will be held this year on August 12th and 13th. Having a booth at the Festival would cost LSCC $50.00. Discussion followed. We could use the history panels made for History House and also have disaster preparedness information available at our booth. Gabriel Pedersen suggested that a raffle could be held for a disaster preparedness kit. This is a good way to get people to sign up on cards, perhaps giving their e-mail addresses (this would allow us to add them to our Community and/or Disaster Preparedness List Serves).

Ellen Beck volunteered to attend the Festival and report back at the September meeting. Spending $50.00 for a booth is a lot for LSCC. It was agreed that we need to know more about attendance and activities at the Festival to know if LSCC having a booth there would be a “good fit,” and a good use of our limited funds.

City of Seattle Charter Amendments: Liz reported having received from the City the full text of the Seattle Charter Amendments presently being considered. Anyone was welcome to borrow this printout, but it was too many pages, and so unfortunately had not been copied. Ellen volunteered to e-mail to interested parties a 4-page review of the Charter Amendments which she received at a recent Neighborhood Coalition breakfast meeting.

Mineral Springs Park: Edie Whitsett has indicated that Mineral Springs Park is going to begin having work parties. Dates haven’t been decided as yet, but the plan is have perhaps three work parties.

Upcoming Events on Website: Upcoming events in the community were discussed and it was decided that having these posted on the website would be great, if that was possible. Ellen agreed to contact Amy Markishtum and let her know the upcoming events. Hopefully Amy will be able to post them on our website. The events are: the July 15th Grand Openings of the Northgate Library and Community Center; the July 15th Community Picnic at the North Precinct; the August 1st Night Out event; the August 12th and 13th Northgate Festival; and the August 13th Idriss Mosque Annual Interfaith BBQ.

Block Watch and Disaster Preparedness Newsletters: The Licton Springs Neighborhood Block Watch and Disaster Preparedness Newsletters went out for June 2006. Ellen offered to e-mail these to anyone who hadn’t received their copies by e-mail.

A discussion about Block Watch followed. It is a way for neighborhoods to get to know who lives on their street and to be able to learn what is “normal” for the households. Being organized empowers neighbors to call 911 when something doesn’t look normal at a neighbor’s house.


The meeting was opened to concerns of the community.

Zoning: There was a question about the current zoning in the neighborhood and whether or not the Council gets involved. In the past, property owners have presented their zoning concerns to us.

Welcome Newsletter: Donna Linn suggested that it would be a good idea to send a welcome letter to new homeowners. Liz thought perhaps we could get addresses of new owners from Roger Turner. Donna, who is also a realtor, said this was possible.

This Year’s Fall Picnic: Liz explained that LSCC has been having a fall picnic for the last seven years. In the past it has been sponsored by Larry’s Market. Because of the bankruptcy of Larry’s, this year’s picnic will have to be publicized as a “bring your own picnic to the Park, and enjoy the music and Bubbleman entertainment provide by LSCC.” People will have a chance to meet their neighbors and enjoy getting together for good neighborly fun.

Farmers’ Markets Flyer: Donna passed out flyers she had had made up of where and when farmers’ markets occur around the City. Thanks, Donna!

Our next meeting is Wednesday, July 19, 2006.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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