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Minutes of Board Meeting:
November 19, 2003

NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present:† Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, Yvonne Zoretic, JJ Avinger-Jacques, Bert Bradley, Wanda Fullner, and Ted Pickett.

Board Representatives Present:† Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative), and Wally Fosmore (North Seattle Community College).

Visitors:† Trung Pham (Pedestrian Program Engineer, Seattle Department of Transportation), Bruce Kieser (Facilities Director, North Seattle Community College), Shannon Snider, and Jean Wirch.

Vice President Jerry Owens called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., welcoming everyone. Wally Fosmore introduced Bruce Kieser, the new Facilities Director at North Seattle Community College. Wally’s title is Director of Operations.

Minutes: †Minutes from the October 15, 2003 meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurerís Report:†

Treasurer Debra Willendorf’s report showed our available bank balance is $1,343.65. There was a discussion of Halloween costs. JJ Avinger-Jacques said she would try to get more donated from Costco next year. Betsy Weill has asked for a card table and another water cooler for next year. It was suggested that Betsy use the money donated at the event for these. Liz Kearns will talk with Betsy and report back to the Board.


Thank You: It was suggested and agreed that we should ask Ellen to write thank you postcards to the folks who helped with our Halloween event and the History House display. Liz and Wanda will get those names and addresses to Ellen. Also, it was felt that letters of thank you – good job were due to Cynthia Sullivan and Andrew Schmidt for all their help over the years.


Sidewalks for 100th Street: Trung Pham (Seattle Department of Transportation, “SDOT”) spoke about alternative sidewalks for 100th Street. He was unable to tell us the budget but said he would find out. He had a rough survey of 100th Street from Aurora to Meridian, which shows drop-off in some sections. He said that drainage issues could run the cost up to $100,000.00 and make it too costly a project. There was much discussion of where exactly the sidewalk would be and what material would be used for construction, and costs, costs, costs. Mr. Pham was looking at sidewalks on the south side of 100th Street from Ashworth East for probably two blocks, since that was all the money available. We urged him to consider the north side from Meridian to Densmore as this section is the most dangerous and the north side is less sloped. He will study that idea and let us know what is feasible.

We also discussed eliminating parking on part or all of 100th Street, traffic calming devises, and the possibility of additional funding from Seattle Public Utilities. Mr. Pham will attend our January meeting and have more information at that time.

Pilling’s Pond: Wanda Fullner reported that things are okay right now. The pond did experience some flooding during the record breaking rain in October. Pilling’s Pond Preservation Committee (“PPP”) has a promise of $20,000.00 from Cynthia Sullivan and Wanda has been advised that she should secure this with Bob Ferguson, who will take over Cynthia’s office on January 1, 2004. Wanda is trying to reach Mr. Ferguson now.

Also, it now looks like the Seattle School District did not lay bypass pipes under the new playing fields. The pipes were to move runoff water away from Pilling’s Pond. Wanda will verify this and talk with the School District.

An easement agreement is being drafted now. Next, an appraiser will value the easement and then PPP will review it.

Neighborhood Priorities We agreed with the same priorities listed last month. Liz will complete the paperwork and Jerry will submit it at the Northwest District Counsel meeting on December 10th.

Aurora Traffic: Bert Bradley spoke with Teresa Casper of SDOT about the parking being eliminated from Aurora Avenue and the Aurora Merchants Association (“AMA”) lawsuit. Ms. Casper said that the new parking arrangements are now in place and there have been no complaints so far. These changes are an attempt to improve the flow of traffic on Aurora Avenue and businesses hat have lost parking due to these changes have been given additional parking space around the corner (off of Aurora). The LSCC Board was in general agreement that we will not join the AMA lawsuit, at this time.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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