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Minutes of Board Meeting:
October 19, 2005
NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present:

Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present: Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative).

Visitors: Jean Wirch, Melissa Coiley, Tom Meyer, Kay Mesirow, and Robin McCain.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Introductions were made around the table. It was great to have “new” neighbors attending and they were welcomed.

Minutes: The July 20, 2005 minutes were approved.

Treasurerís Report: 

Treasurer Debra Willendorf presented a Treasurer’s Report covering the period from January 1, 2005 through October 18, 2005 and a LSCC 2005 Budget Discussion report. There was general discussion. Then Debra requested a vote on the amount of funds the Council felt could be devoted to Halloween in the Park.

Discussion followed. An explanation about the Halloween in the Park event at Licton Springs Park was given. It was explained that nearly all businesses are now requiring that entities that request donations have 501(c)(3) status. This is even the case with businesses that have been donating to our Halloween event for years. This year letters were written to Target and Fred Meyer for the first time. Both responded back with correspondence stating their requirements (which included 501(c)(3) status).

Liz reported that Larry’s will donate apple cider and candies totaling $300.00. Betsy Weill thinks that Safeway will give a donation.

501(c)(3) status was discussed. It was explained that Pillings Pond Preservation Society has 501(c)(3) status, as does the Seattle Community Council Federation, and also the Phinney Community Council. Liz explained that there is paperwork required for transactions by 501(c)(3) entities. Liz said she would do the paperwork required for using another entity’s 501(c)(3) status for our Halloween event. Phinney would charge us (making that out of the question). We have no members who regularly attend Seattle Community Council Federation meetings or serve on their committees (making this option a last resort).

Kay Mesirow volunteered to “put out feelers” for someone to assist the LSCC in obtaining 501(c)(3) status. She said her husband had obtained 501(c)(3) status for his practice. This was very much appreciated.

Debra said that the Pillings Pond Preservation Society will co-sponsor Halloween in the Park this year, making their 501(c)(3) status available to us.

There is a donation basket at the Halloween event and we traditionally receive between $80.00 and $90.00. Discussion ended. It was moved and second and passed unanimously to make $125.00 available for expenses in connection with putting on Halloween in the Park.

Debra said that all donation letters in 2006 should enclose a Halloween flyer.


Licton Springs Fall Picnic. Liz reported that she had been told that Larry’s founder had given the business to his son. Managers are quitting. The manager from our Larry’s has been transferred to be manager of the Queen Anne Larry’s. Liz was told that in January the Larry’s board will look at closing the Oak Tree and Pacific Highway Larry’s stores. This could dramatically affect our ability to put on our annual fall picnic because for years Larry’s has donated the hotdogs, buns, sauerkraut, soft drinks, bottled water, and sometimes chips for the picnic. They also have brought their portable grill and cooked the hotdogs. A new grocery store in the Oak Tree Larry’s space might not support our picnic in the same manner as Larry’s has.

Ellen Beck suggested that if it turned out that we could not put on a community picnic, we should consider arranging a “Concert in the Park.”

Newsletter. Liz said she would call Bob Ferguson regarding sponsoring additional Newsletters.

SDART. Debra reported that she had volunteered to direct initial inquires to the SDART (Seattle Disaster Aid & Response Teams) program. She read an e-mail she had received from Elizabeth Mash, who is with the City. Elizabeth Mash stated the City is receiving a high volume of requests. The City is able to provide help for personal and home preparedness, but the neighborhood preparedness aspect would fall to a new SDART Program Manager (hopefully hired by the end of this year).

Debra did receive a host-kit that suggested inviting 25 to 30 neighbors for an in-home meeting. They provided personal invitation forms and flyer form and additional advice and information.

Discussion followed. Our original thoughts on SDART had been that it would be good to organize a neighborhood meeting to get as many people as possible exposed to the program and hopefully allow groups of neighbors to become enthused and begin their planning and preparedness by blocks.

Liz said that the College will be inquiring of LSCC how they can be a better neighbor. It was suggested that perhaps the College could be a co-sponsor of the event. Liz said that she would invite the new NSCC Facilities Manager to our next meeting. Wally Fosmore, the previous Facilities Manager, had attended our meetings and kept us informed about happenings at the College, but we have not met Wally’s replacement.

Liz said the SDART community meeting should take place in February. Kay volunteered to head up the planning for this event. Liz suggested that she get in touch with Jan Brucker and gave her Jan’s e-mail address. Liz and Debra also said they would assist. Melissa Coiley volunteered to help also.

Liz asked Ken Thompson to inquire at the North Precinct about representation at the meeting. Liz said she would contact the Fire Department, Larry’s, NSCC, City Light, and the facilities manager for Wilson-Pacific School.

Discussion followed. The SDART program builds on or could facilitate or strengthen block watch programs. It was suggested that we could have a table for the block watch program at the event.

The Student Activity Center was suggested as a location for the meeting. The Rose Room would not be big enough. Plus, the Student Activity Center has a stage.

100 th Street Sidewalks. Liz reported that Trung Pham has said that he needs to do more outreach before the alternative sidewalks project can proceed.

A general discussion of sidewalks followed.


Candidate Forum. Liz announced that a candidate forum would be held by the Greenwood Community Council at the Taproot Theatre on Tuesday, November 1 st, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. GCC had asked if LSCC was interested in co-sponsoring this event, but Liz had declined on LSCC’s behalf.

GAIN. Liz reported on GAIN (Greenwood-Aurora Involved Neighbors). They are sponsoring “A Greenwood-Aurora Public Safety Forum” on Wednesday, October 26, 2005, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Greenwood Elementary School Cafeteria. Attending this Safety Forum will be City Councilmembers David Della, Nick Licata, Richard McInver, and Peter Steinbrueck. From the Mayor’s office will be Jordan Royer and Marco Lowe. From the Police Department will be Captain Washburn, Lieutenant Reed, and Sergeant Newsom. Hopefully a lot of neighbors will attend.

Safety and crime concerns were discussed. A friend of Liz was accosted while walking her dog at Licton Springs Park!

Wilson-Pacific School. An inquiry was made about Wilson-Pacific School. Liz said that the school at this time is used for the Indian Heritage School, some kind of daycare/preschool, and for storage. They are now storing school buses in the yard, as well as the grounds crew vehicles.

Debra noted that there had been a school in the Haller Lake Community that was no longer used as a school. There the School District attempted to sell the property to a developer. The community had fought this attempt at significant cost to it. They had been successful.

Such a situation could very well be in our future, also.

Kay inquired about the gym at Wilson-Pacific. She said that her husband and friends had used the gym for a time, but were told that it wasn’t available to them because another group was taking it over. She wondered who was using the gym. Liz told Kay that she would give her information about Sue Ellwiggin, who is with the School District. She will know about the gym at Wilson-Pacific.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 16, 2005.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary


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