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North Park Upgrade

Licton Springs is a green neighborhood. As a neighborhood we are privileged to have two parks, but the North Park,
located between N. 105th and N. 107th, adjacent to Northgate Way, has never been fully developed. Presently there is a disc golf course occupying the southern portion of the
park(find out more about disc golf here) but the rest of the park is not maintained and is unuseable. The neighborhood plan called for the preservation of Kelm House but the Department of Parks and Recreation did not approve those plans. The Parks Department did approve that the surrounding grounds be developed as a decorative sculpture garden. The Department of Neighborhoods has approved 25,000 dollars for a complete landscape design and some initial construction. It will take more money than that to completely redevelop the park, but once a landscape plan is finalized, Parks and Open Spaces will be able to apply for more funding.

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