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Licton Springs is a Wetland

Why Should We Value Wetlands?

1964 view of licton springs wetlands
photos: Seattle Municipal Archives
Values are obviously very personal things and differ from one individual to another. There are some that think it is important to provide housing for a growing population and, thus, see nothing wrong in draining and building on wetlands. Then there are others who find more value in just having the wetlands remain in their natural state.

Whatever your personal feelings are on this subject, it helps to understand the unique role wetlands play in our everyday lives in order to make informed decisions and establish values concerning wetlands.

Wildlife Habitat

Wetlands serve as sources of food and shelter for many different types of animals. They are especially important for birds as stopovers on their migratory routes. Fish, shellfish, and mammals, small and large, utilize wetlands for food, shelter, and nesting activities. ceramic frog

What Is A Wetland?

ceramic frog

The three most commonly used features to identify a wetland are

1.The presence of water: either standing water or sub surface water saturating the soil. In many wetlands, the standing water occurs on a seasonal basis.

2.Unique Soils that differ from the adjacent upland soils.

3.The presence of vegetation which is uniquely adapted to wet conditions, periodic flooding and inundation.


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