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Minutes of Board Meeting:
January 21, 2004

NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present:† Liz Kearns, Debra Willendorf, Yvonne Zoretic, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present:† Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative), Edie Whitsett (Mineral Springs Park), and Wally Fosmore (North Seattle Community College).

Visitors:† Jean Wirch, Shannon Snider, Jon Beahm, Greg Baltzell, Cory Johnson, Lori Morgan, and Charlotte Moss.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., welcoming everyone. We gave introductions around the table, and then Liz pointed out that there was not a quorum of directors present (because of directors being out of town, being ill, or having other reasons to be excused).

Minutes: †Without a quorum, the minutes from November 19, 2003 meeting could not be approved. Liz explained for our visitors how the minutes were e-mailed to directors prior to the meeting and then usually approved without discussion at the meeting. Copies of the draft November minutes were passed around to the visitors.

Treasurerís Report:†

Treasurer Debra Willendorf provided a Treasurer’s Report through December 15, 2003. Our bank balance is $1,423.69. We have approximately 8,800 prepaid copies, but the Newsletter will soon be copied so that number will be going down. Debra asked directors to review the 2003 Approved Budget, which was provided, to help in finalizing our 2004 Budget. Everyone should keep in mind that we need to cut costs. Debra agreed to e-mail the 2003 Approved Budget to directors not present with the request that they review it in light of the 2004 Budget prior to February’s meeting.

Liz said that we need to encourage members of the community to pay dues.

With respect to the new budget, Liz reported that she is attempting to find musicians for the picnic who will not charge. Also, we will be having a balloon man, not the Bubbleman for this year’s picnic.

Future Meetings: Liz announced that Darleen Flynn, our new representative on the School Board, will be at our February meeting. David Della, new member of the Seattle City Council, will come to our March meeting. Mr. Della is the chair for Parks and Neighborhoods Committee. Bob Ferguson, our new representative on the King County Council, or his assistant, Sally Clark, will come to our April meeting. There is a possibility that Trung Pham could come to our April meeting.


Mineral Springs Park: Edie Whitsett reported on Mineral Springs Park, which is located between 105th North and Northgate Way, and is made possible by Pro-Parks funding. She explained that the sculpture park also has an area with a course for use by disc golfers. The Pro-Parks funding paid for the services of a landscape architect, Charles Anderson, to design the park and the construction of the park. Edie passed around the “Mineral Springs Park Art Plan.” The park is under construction now. Two tall nets are going up on 105th to keep frisbies in the park. The first sculpture of raindrop stones (a collection of 13 carved stones) is by artist Stacy Levy and will be put in place in March. The plan is to have both permanent and temporary art in the park. New art would be put in place each year. Edie said that she would write art grants for the artwork.

Liz asked if Edie had approached the College. Students going to the College have done various pieces of art that are displayed around the grounds. Edie said she would do so.

100th Street Project: Liz said that the City has a small pot of money available for alternative sidewalks. Trung Pham, Pedestrian Program Engineer, Seattle Department of Transportation, came to our November meeting. There is funding for one to two blocks of sidewalks on one side of 100th. The City is looking at the south side of 100th Street from Ashworth and east for two blocks, while the community is promoting he north side from Meridian to Densmore. Mr. Pham has explained that the section of 100th with drainage problems would be very expensive to work on, and at this time is cost prohibitive. Seattle Utilities have to be involved.

Jan Brucker has suggested to the Council that before any work is done on north 100th, the residents have to be informed and their opinions obtained. Jan volunteered to chair a community meeting called regarding north 100th. Shannon Snider agreed to help Liz distribute Newsletters to folks along 100th.

Re-Zoning Request: Cory Johnson spoke regarding property west of Aurora at North 105th and Linden. She is assisting the property owner in seeking a rezoning from Single Family to L2 and came to the Council since this location is within the Greater Aurora-Licton Planning Area. Jon Beahm and Greg Baltzell, who are both in real estate, spoke in support of Ms. Johnson’s request. Questions and discussion followed. The neighboring properties are either zoned L2 or are Single Family, but being used as multi-family. Ms. Johnson said that she had attempted to talk to the City Council and is trying to pursue a legislative rezone rather than petitioning DCLU. LSCC members agreed to look at the property. Liz suggested that Ms. Johnson come back to the March meeting when David Della would be present. This would also allow Board members to have a look at the property.

Newsletter: Debra is putting together our next Newsletter. She said that there will be articles on Mineral Springs Park, Licton Springs Park, Pilling’s Pond, 100th, and a bus stop article. There also will be membership information, pictures, and thank yous to people who have recently given donations.

Shannon asked about the list serve that was discussed at previous meetings. Bert Bradley is heading this up and Shannon was told that Bert would have information at a future meeting. Discussion followed on e-mailing the Newsletter and neighborhood information/news.

Department of Neighborhoods 2004 Priorities: Liz reported that the four items that were previously discussed were submitted to the City of Seattle as our 2004 priorities. Liz acknowledged the hard work of Debra in assisting Liz with all the cross-referencing required in the submission to the City. The priorities are:

  1. Pilling’s Pond. Yvonne Zoretic reported on the current status of Pilling’s Pond. She said that there would be a January 30th meeting with Bob Ferguson to hopefully get his support for the project. It was a great help to us to have the previous support of Cynthia Sullivan. It was not known at this time whether Bob Ferguson would follow through with the $20,000.00 funding promised by Cynthia Sullivan. The committee is hoping to receive the funding and be able to finalize the conservation easement as a first step. They also would like to purchase a new fence that is viewer friendly from the street (as at the Zoo) and that also provides security, animal control, and environmental control. Yvonne said that her younger sister, Melanie, and Melanie’s husband moved into her grandfather’s home in June of last year. Yvonne said that Melanie was familiar with taking care of the property and had experience from helping their grandfather when she was younger.
  2. 100th. The 100th Street project is discussed above. There is now potential for funding sidewalks on a portion of North 100th.
  3. Wilson-Pacific School. Wilson-Pacific is very important in the community and was emphasized in our community planning. It is also discussed above.
  4. Parks. This community has two parks, Licton Springs, which will receive $100,000.00 in Pro Parks funding this year and will get the northernmost bridge replaced. The middle bridge is being worked on now. Also, Earth Corp will be paid through Pro Parks for one year’s work to the Park. Mineral Springs Park, discussed above, will receive $700,000.00 in Pro Parks funding. Liz explained that we were the only north end community to qualify for capital improvement funds because of our diversity. These funds paid for the replacement of the middle bridge.

Budget/Elections: Liz stated that the budget would be finalized in March and that is also when we would hold our annual membership meeting and elect Board officers.

North Seattle Community College: Wally Fosmore reported that LSCC serves as the standing committee for NSCC. He therefore keeps the Council apprized of what is going on at NSCC. He said that the Arts and Sciences Building is ahead of schedule and will be completed by the end of May, and occupied in September. The renovation of the Second Floor, central campus, is taking place. This involves the registration area, business area, and cashiers.

Wally noted that NSCC has not had nearly as many rentals (i.e., school auctions) this year because of the renovations going on. Future projects include the library building. Also, the Master Plan process will have to be begun again. This was last done in August of 1995. NSCC will need a representative from LSCC for this process. Every change made at the college needs to fit with the college’s strategic plan.


Wilson-Pacific: Liz reported that Wilson-Pacific is presently being used as a storage facility. She explained to our visitors that Wilson-Pacific is a top priority for the neighborhood. We would like the school to remain a teaching facility. She pointed out that there is an excellent gym, shop, and cafeteria at the school. She said that the Council has inquired about meeting at Wilson-Pacific, but the charge of $90.00 for two hours is too expensive for the Council.

Liz told visitors that the Licton Springs Community Council was formed by five people in our community and has been meeting in the President’s Board Room at North Seattle Community College for 13 years free of charge. We greatly appreciate the College making this lovely room available to us.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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