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Minutes of Board Meeting:
May 15, 2002
NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present: Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Wanda Fullner, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present: Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative), and Wally Fosmore (North Seattle Community College).

Visitors: Jean Wirch and Don Svetich.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting began at 7:00 p.m., welcoming everyone. We then went around the table and everyone introduced themselves. Liz noted that Debra Willendorf, Yvonne Pilling Yzoretic, and JJ Avinger-Jacques were excused from attending this evening's Board meeting.

Liz explained that Jaci Oseguera was unable to be with us as scheduled because of the unexpected death of her mother. Our sympathies are with the family. Liz said that Jaci would be on the June agenda.

Liz announced that the Licton Springs Park will be getting a replacement kiosk, that will be put up near the play area, in the near future. The Parks Department will install the kiosk.

Liz passed out a flyer for a community-wide yard sale that is being organized by Betsy Wiles. The yard sale will be announced in the next issue of our Newsletter.

Minutes: Because of the absence of a quorum to conduct business, the March 20, 2002 and April 17, 2002 minutes were not discussed or approved.

Treasurer's Report: With the absence of Debra Willendorf, our Treasurer, there was no Report.


NSCC Board of Trustees' Meeting. Liz reported on attending the Board of Trustees' meeting concerning the 2002 budget. Liz said that during the "open mike" portion of the meeting she was called upon to speak. She said that she spoke about the partnership of the College and the community and described the joint efforts to clean up the meridian on College Way. She also said how much the community appreciates and values the use of the President's Board Room, which we have used for meetings for the past ten years.

Northgate Neighborhood. Liz had received a "Dear Citizen" letter from Mayor Nickels regarding his approach to the Northgate mall/south parking lot. Since there were not enough copies to go around, Ellen Beck read the two page letter aloud.

Discussion continued. A discussion of the planning process for the Northgate neighborhood followed. Wally Fosmore offered materials that he had received as the College representative during the planning process, if anyone was interested. It was pointed out that Simon could be perhaps allowed to ignore portions of the Northgate GDP under the Mayor's proposal. Perhaps that is the tradeoff.

Pilling's Pond. Wanda Fullner said that the second community meeting for Pilling's Pond would be held on Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m. She said that the engineer had completed his recommendations. A full report will be given on Saturday. She told us that the Committee was negotiating with The Audubon Society and that more details would be given on Saturday, but that the Committee's fundraising letter possibly would be mailed to the a list including the Audubon membership before the Audubon's own mailing. Liz confirmed with Wanda that she (Liz) would be asked to speak on Saturday on how Pilling's Pond fits into the community and the community plan.

Grant Proposal. Liz announced that she had applied for a $30,000.00 grant for amphibian ponds from the King County Natural Resources Stewardship Program.

Wildlife. Next there was a discussion of wildlife in the community. A coyote had been spotted at Licton Springs Park. Wally said that coyotes had been seen on the College's northern end. Wally also described the problems that the College has had in the past with beavers damaging trees and trying to build dams.

Don Svetich L2 L3. Don Svetich, who attended a previous Board meeting some months ago, is still working on getting his home on 103rd rezoned from L2 to L3. He has been to court after making his presentation at our meeting and his rezoning was denied. He said that after that he had spoken to Councilperson Richard Conlin, who told him that he should approach the Aurora-Licton Planning Group and request an amendment to their Plan. He said that he had spoken with Jan Brucker and she had told him that City Light had a rezoning request also. He said that subsequently he had not been able to speak with Jan. We told him that his request seemed reasonable to us, but that we felt he should speak with Jan and that then Jan could make recommendations or explain the process. No one else has asked for the Aurora-Licton Plan to be amended and we really don't know what is involved. It was left that Mr. Svetich would keep trying to reach Jan.

Weed Siege Thank You. The College wants to thank the community for their participation in Weed Siege!


Wilson-Pacific School Play Field.Liz reported that she had gone to the recent School Board meeting after being informed by Steve Brown that the Wilson Play Field Plan would be voted on at that meeting, having been approved two weeks previously. Liz told us that she signed up to speak and had to wait for two hours for her opportunity. The School Board covers a lot of business at their meetings and the School Board works hard!

Liz said that she told the School Board how important it had been for the community to be involved in planning the play field. She thanked them on behalf of Licton Springs for allowing the community input. She told them that the Wilson-Pacific site is a focal point in our community as shown by the two years of community planning. The school makes a large footprint in our neighborhood. Liz told the Board that the community was in favor of the plan and excited about it. It was wonderful that the initial work would be able to include the other features important to the community a bathroom, jogging path, new fencing, and landscaping. Liz said that she left after making her presentation.

Liz said that Phil Fujii had told her he wants to talk to the School District and see if the community can do additional works, by a small and simple grant, at the site.

Wally Fosmore explained that that would not be feasible because when the School District has bid the job, the contractor takes over control of the site until the contractor's work is finished.

Licton Springs Park. Liz told us that the grant application for funding for Licton Springs Park had made the final cut and the Park was still eligible for a $100,000.00 grant. She said that over the past four months, the Licton Springs application had been through three meeting processes. Now the final step is approval by the Mayor and City Council.

Community Picnic Liz confirmed that we were able to get the same band as last year. She announced that Larry's Market will provide more food than last year. She also confirmed that we would be having the very popular Bubbleman, as in the past. The Parks Department will co-sponsor our picnic, so that we do not have to obtain a permit or provide for insurance on our own.

North Precinct. Ken Thompson was thanked for his wonderful and informative reports from the North Precinct meetings he attends, and also for his attendance at Board meetings!

JJ's Mural Grant Application. The application has been approved! Liz promised to have the grant application copied and available at the Board's next meeting.

Newsletter. The Newsletter is still in the works. An e-mail will be sent out when help is needed.

Website Our thanks go out to Julia Christensen, who helps on the Community website. We also thank the College for sponsoring the site.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen M. Beck

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