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Minutes of Board Meeting:
April 17, 2002
NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present: Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, Yvonne Pilling Zoretic, JJ Avinger-Jacques, Bert Bradley, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present: Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative), Wally Fosmore (North Seattle Community College), and Pam Larsen (Seattle City Light Representative).

Visitors: Jean Wirch, John Mark, and Rita A. Jacques.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting began at 7:05 p.m., welcoming everyone. We then went around the table and everyone introduced themselves.

Minutes: The February 20, 2002 minutes were approved. The March 20 minutes were taken by Yvonne Zoretic and were not available. Liz asked that Yvonne e-mail the minutes to Ellen Beck and let Ellen proceed from there. Yvonne said she would do that.

There was a discussion of the 2002 budget. Liz reported that John Labovitz and his significant other, Julia, will possibly be relocating to Oregon. We would be sorry to see them leave. If they do, Liz said that she hoped to find someone else in the neighborhood to maintain the Licton Springs website. At present, Julia is maintaining the website at no cost to LSCC.

Liz questioned the "Special Expense" in the budget that was approved at the March meeting. Debra said that the $125.00 amount had been approved at the meeting and, aside from that, no more details were available.

Liz questioned a statement from Mailboxes, Etc. that she had received for colored copies. JJ Avinger-Jacques said that she had had colored copies made in connection with the Andrew Morrison Mural Project grant proposal. Liz, therefore, gave the statement to JJ for payment from Project funding.

Treasurer's Report: Debra Willendorf gave the Treasurer's Report. LSCC has a balance of $1,713.74 as of April 16, 2002. This balance reflected a deduction of funds that were committed but not yet disbursed. The Treasurer's Report was approved.

Ellen was asked to send thank you Licton Spring Postcards to the people who had given donations to the Council and the Pilling's Pond Committee. Ellen indicated she would do so.


Elections. Liz reminded us that we have one Board position open. JJ said that she had spoken to Mr. Dave Quiring and had inquired whether he would be interested. It would be good to get a business person on the Board. JJ said that Mr. Quiring had indicated that he could not serve at this time.

A proposed slate of officers was named:
President -- Liz Kearns
Vice President -- Jerry Owens
Treasurer -- Debra Willendorf
Secretary -- Ellen Beck.

The above officers were elected by acclamation.

Alternative Sidewalks. Bert Bradley reported that the Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood has a goal of 100 percent of sidewalks from Greenwood to Fremont between 85th and 90th. Bert said that funding already existed for sidewalks around the perimeter of the new Greenwood Park. Bert explained the strategy for funding the sidewalk project. He said that $300,000.00 had been received in a settlement of an action against Safeway. Now, the plan was to ask all the affected homeowners to contribute between $500.00 to $1,000.00 and leverage the money raised with a Small and Simple grant and thereby have enough funds to install sidewalks. The reasoning is that it will be possible to get 100 percent homeowner participation because the sidewalks will increase the value of their homes.

A discussion of 100th Street followed. It was pointed out that 100th has drainage problems. There is a plan to talk to homeowners this summer and see if a consensus can be reached on improvements to 100th, including sidewalks. It was noted that the stars pretty much have to be in alignment for a consensus to be reached with the 100th Street homeowners.

John Mark mentioned that there is consistently flooding at North 92nd by Wilson-Pacific School. He noted that he had recently observed some digging by SPU at Ashworth and 92nd and wondered what was up. Liz said that she would inquire and give Mr. Mark a call when she has some information.

Northwest District Council Meeting. Debra Willendorf gave a report on the meeting that she recently attended. She told us that Licton Springs Park received funding because Haller Lake's $100,000.00 grant to make the shoreline more accessible to the general public had created a lot of controversy and opposition. Licton Springs was next in line for funding and because of the controversy in Haller Lake, Licton Springs Park received funding instead of Haller Lake.

Debra also talked about the reorganization of the City's departments and the impact of same. Also, there will be an appeal by the community council that includes the Zoo of the environmental impact statement for changes at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Board Responsibilities. Our next meeting will be attended by Debra's partner, Jaci Oseguera, who will talk to us about nonprofit board responsibilities, rolls and member agreements.

Fire Department. Liz had received a phone call from the Fire Department. Fire Departments in the City are asking to be involved in our communities. Our local Fire Department would like to come to a meeting. Liz said that she thought we should invite them to our picnic. If they brought a hook and ladder truck to the picnic, that would be a great hit and would create a lot of excitement.

Seattle Districts Now. We have been approached by this group to influence our neighbors to support them. The consensus was to tell them we had no influence! The group's kickoff meeting is on May 18, 2002 at the Mountaineers. They have a website at www.seattledistrictsnow.com.

NSCC. Wally told us that SPU would very shortly be taking up Meridian in the area of the grassy triangle to reach the area where the new clean-out vaults will be installed. This will require big equipment. The old roadbed will be removed and reinforced and replaced.

Weed Siege. Flyers for the May 4, 2002 Spring Clean and "Weed and Feed" Day were passed out so that Board members could give copies to their neighbors. Students from NSCC will hand out flyers on College Way. Everyone was urged to attend the cleanup and the barbecue from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the first Saturday in May (May 4th).

SR99. Bert reported that the upcoming SR99 meeting will be May 9, 2002 at Phinney Lutheran Church in Greenwood. The meeting will be from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Northwest Neighborhoods¹ Meeting. JJ told about giving her Open Spaces/Parks speech on behalf of all of the neighborhoods in the Northwest Sector at the meeting attended by Mayor Nickels and City Council members held at the Woodland Park Zoo. JJ said that approximately 100 people attended the meeting where representatives from the neighborhoods gave presentations (on behalf of all their neighborhoods) on traffic, business, sidewalks, and architectural review.


Halloween in the Park. JJ reported that she has spoken with the manager of Costco and that Costco will again donate needed items for Halloween in the Park. (Good work, JJ!)

Photocopying. John Mark, a visitor, questioned how much the Council was paying for photocopies. He said that he got his copying done at Prestige Printing and Copying, which is in the same building as the credit union just behind the Copper Sky Restaurant. John said that they charged $0.39 for color copies and $0.03 for regular copies. Liz expressed appreciation for the information and said that the Council would investigate. Liz noted that we had been using Mailboxes, Etc., even knowing that they charged more than other places, because they are in the neighborhood and we try to give business to neighborhood businesses.

Licton Springs Picnic. Liz announced that we have a good inventory for this year's picnic, which is set for September 14, 2002. Board members were asked if they were in favor of paying for a band and the vote was in favor of a band. Everyone liked last year's group.

Newsletter. JJ said that she did not have a Newsletter deadline at this time, but that she would announce the deadline via e-mail.

Liz asked for volunteers to fold and prepare the Newsletter for mailing. JJ pointed out that one couple who had made a donation had indicated that they would bake cookies and help with the Newsletter. JJ thought we should lose no time in taking them up on their offer and thereby getting them involved.

JJ also mentioned that she has not been able to send Julia the Newsletter for posting on the website because her computer is not powerful enough. She needs to have a zip drive in order to be able to get the Newsletter on the website. Discussion followed. Liz and Jerry (?) said that perhaps a used zip drive could be located and loaned to JJ. Wally Fosmore said that he would connect JJ with someone at the College who is knowledgeable about computers.

Pilling¹s Pond. Liz and members of the Committee have visited Cynthia Sullivan and taken her thank you gifts for her support of Pilling's Pond. She was given a card also and Liz said that she had signed our names on the card.

Liz mentioned that Andrew Schmid had talked about a possibility of routing the waste water from Pilling's Pond to Green Lake, instead of into the sewage system.

North Precinct Meeting. The North Precinct expansion meeting of April 8, 2002 was discussed and a report of what had taken place was given. Draft minutes were handed out by Ellen. She asked that everyone who attended the meeting to please note additions and/or corrections to the draft minutes and send them to her.

Wilson-Pacific School. Liz reported that the Seattle School District is still involved in its discussions about middle and K-8 schools. The School Board is considering whether to have smaller middle schools, smaller K-8 schools, or smaller K-8 schools and larger middle schools. The members are also considering switching the identities of schools, i.e., switching a middle school to a K-8 school or vice versa.

Liz said she had been contacted by Tracy Goodman, who is a parent with a child at Bagley K-6. Bagley K-6 School is a Montessori school and the parents at that school are looking for a Montessori middle school. Mrs. Goodman wondered about the possibility of having that at Wilson-Pacific. Liz referred Mrs. Goodman to the Seattle School District.

Wally reported that the capital request for the renovation of the Arts and Sciences Building at NSCC was going to Olympia on Friday. He said that $6.9 Million would be needed and, if funded, the renovation would happen during the 2003-2005 biennium. The plans for the renovation are 35 percent complete at this time. Wally said that when the State Legislature adjourns in the spring of 2003, the College will know whether or not they will receive the requested funding. So, the College would not need space at Wilson-Pacific until the fall of 2003. If funded, they would need 24 classrooms for one year. The students would be back at the College in the fall of 2004.

Wally also mentioned that he had received a call from Facilities personnel of the School District inquiring about space for books and crafts belonging to Indian Heritage. The School District person told Wally that the Grounds Department is moving into Wilson-Pacific School and needs the space used to store the Indian Heritage books and crafts.

Wilson-Pacific Play Fields. Lucy Morello, Project Manager for the Seattle School District, has written Liz that there is funding for the play fields and also the three alternates (adding jogging path, adding restroom and adjacent planters, and adding perimeter fencing and trees). Ms. Morello also wrote that "We should be giving a notice to proceed to the contractor, no later than May 13. However, I believe it will happen between May 1 and May 8, as soon as we can get the contract and paperwork in order."

Wally said that he had forwarded the e-mail regarding the play fields to NSCC folks and also the Wellness Group. NSCC gives three classrooms and support to the School District, rent free, and would like to be able to also use the play fields for intramural sports, scheduling allowing.

The May 1st School Board meeting, which is at 7:00 p.m., is going to have the vote on the final plans for Wilson-Pacific play fields on the agenda. LSCC Board members were urged to attend if possible.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen M. Beck

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