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Minutes of Board Meeting:
April 21, 2004

NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present:  Liz Kearns, Ted Pickett, Wanda Fullner, and Debra Willendorf.

Directors Excused: Jerry Owens and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present:  Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative).

Visitors:  Bob Ferguson (Metropolitan King County Councilmember), Jeanine Ferguson, Jean Wirch, Shannon Snider, and Staci Baldwin.

Treasurer Debra Willendorf called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and introductions were made around the table.

Treasurer’s Report:  There are no changes since our last meeting.  We used this time to discuss advertising in the Currents newsletter.  Ted Pickett and Staci Baldwin offered to talk with neighborhood businesses that they frequent about interest in advertising in the Currents.  It was suggested that we find additional ways to get the newsletter out to more homes without postage cost.  Jeanine Ferguson offered to hand deliver.  Liz will call Bert about the list serve.  Liz will also ask John Appel, of the UPS Store, how to contact the Oak Tree Merchants.


Metropolitan King County Council.  Our guest tonight, Metropolitan King County Councilmember for District 2, Bob Ferguson, introduced himself and said he was from a large family on Queen Anne, graduated from University of Washington and was an attorney before winning the King County Council seat.  He is on the King County Budget Committee, Transportation & Natural Resources Committees, plus chairs the Regional Services Committee.  One of his major goals is to increase communication between the City Council and County Council.  He has mailed a survey to voters and begun community meetings at local coffeehouses.  We can contact his office for more information.  His aide, Sally Clark, will be our main contact from his office.  Mr. Ferguson was asked about reducing the size of the KCC.  He said that he agrees with reducing the member seats from 13 to nine, which would save $1-4 Million per year.  There is a town meeting on transportation with Mr. Ferguson on May 19 at University Heights Center at 7:00 p.m.


Pilling Pond.  Wanda Fullner explained that Bob Ferguson has visited the Pilling Pond property and the PPP group has asked his office to honor the promise made by his predecessor, Cynthia Sullivan.  Mr. Ferguson explained that the promised money was being taken from a part of the budget that cannot be used for City of Seattle open space and his office is trying to find money in an appropriate category.  He thinks this can be done.  He wants to be sure that the view easement will achieve our goals.  The term ‘view easement’ was new to him and he asked for clarification.  Wanda offered to set up a three-way phone conversation between Bob, Carol Eychaner and Keith Dearborne, as they could better answer some of the tougher questions.  There was some discussion about paying for the appraisal for the view easement as this is something needed right now.  Wanda will find out what that will cost and tell Mr. Ferguson.

Northgate.  Shannon Snider, our alternate representative to the Northgate Stakeholders Group, has been attending long meetings.  He shared with us drawings of proposals for development of the south lot at Northgate, which included ideas such as:  the south lot being developed with 1/4 Loring retail below with four stories of housing above; 1/4 Thornton Creek daylighting; 1/4 SPU (City of Seattle); 1/4 King County transit.  A community meeting is planned for May 13 at NSCC.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Kearns for

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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