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Minutes of Board Meeting:
March 17, 2004

NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, Ted Pickett, Wanda Fullner, Bert Bradley, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present:  Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative).

Visitors:  David Della (Seattle City Councilmember), and Jean Wirch.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Awaiting the arrival of Councilperson David Della, we made use of the time with a discussion of departing directors.  JJ Avinger-Jacques has moved out of the neighborhood.  JJ had planned to be at tonight’s meeting to say good-bye, but instead was attending an out-of-town funeral for one of her aunts.  Yvonne Zoretic and her husband are buying a new home outside of Licton Springs, so we are losing Yvonne also.  Lastly, Bert Bradley told us earlier about accepting a position on the Greenwood Community Council.  We will still be seeing and hearing from Bert, but he will not be serving on our Board beyond his current term (ending next month).  Shannon Snider, who has been at recent meetings, has said he is willing to join the Board.

 Assuming that other directors are willing to continue, we have an opening for one director in the group of five directors who have terms expiring in 2004 (Liz Kearns, Wanda Fullner, Ted Pickett, Bert Bradley [resigning], and Ellen Beck); and two openings in the group of four directors who have terms expiring in 2005 (Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, Yvonne Zoretic [resigning] and JJ Avinger-Jacques [resigning]).

Minutes:  The minutes from our February 18, 2004 meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Debra Willendorf had no report, but reminded us again of the need to finalize the 2004 budget.

Advertising in the Newsletter was discussed.  It was agreed that advertising should be limited to the businesses in the neighborhood.  Ads would have to be overseen to assure appropriateness.  LSCC would have to have guidelines regarding advertising.


Drug-Free Zone.  Clarification was given by Liz concerning the fact that the whole City is a drug-free zone and there is no special classification or designation for areas around schools.  Ken Thompson said that the signs indicating drug-free zones had been paid for by a Federal grant.  In Seattle, we did not have a problem with drug dealers going onto school property as they did in the East, but we also had access to the Federal program.  There is no money left in that grant at this time. 


David Della.  At 7:25 p.m., David Della arrived at our meeting.  We then gave introductions around the table.  Liz then went through the neighborhood priorities and the status of each:  (1) Pilling’s Pond (preservation and restoration); (2) Wilson-Pacific School (under utilized school - Indian Heritage program; School District offices; storage; newly developed playfields); (3) sidewalks on 100th (narrow street, parking along the street, no distinct boundary between street and yards/private property; used as a shortcut; excessive speeds); (4) Licton Springs Park (has $100,000.00 of Pro Parks funding this year; ongoing work at the Park to restore the pond/bridges) and Mineral Springs Park (will receive $700,000.00 in Pro Parks funding); and (5) safety for pedestrians.

Wanda Fullner spoke further about the status of Pilling’s Pond.  She said that help was needed.  The goal is to preserve the open space that has existed for over half a century.  The project had been promised $20,000.00 by Cynthia Sullivan, but Bob Ferguson, her successor, while very supportive, says that the Sullivan funding isn’t possible because of the way it was structured.  He is trying to locate other funding.  The Pilling’s Pond Committee is trying to arrange a view easement.  The City has banned all capital acquisitions, so that makes the situation difficult.  It is looking like the family may need to sell and so the concern is high.  A problem of concern is the water flowing into the pond and the potential for flooding.  Wanda said she considered the water problem to be a responsibility of the City.  It is estimated that it would cost $14,000.00 to $20,000.00 to automate the water flow.  Wanda said on the walk-through that Greg Nickels did before his election to the Mayor’s office, he agreed with Wanda that SPU should remedy the water problem.  The Pilling’s Pond Committee has protested the environmental impact statement of the School District because of the uncontrolled runoff coming into the pond.  The School District has agreed to landscape the buffer area between the pond property and Wilson-Pacific.  However, because of the lack of funding, the committee is in a holding pattern, staying hopeful and vigilant.

David Della said that unfortunately budgets for both the City and the County are being trimmed.  The good news is that for this year the Neighborhood Matching Funds have been saved.  No one knows what will happen next year, though.

Bert said that the City has purchased two houses across from the new Greenwood Park.  It has been suggested that the land be used for basketball courts, perhaps indoor-outdoor courts.

Mr. Della said that he has spoken with Bob Ferguson and they will coordinate with each other on neighborhood concerns.  Mr. Della is chair of the Parks, Neighborhoods, and Education Committee.  He said that three committee meetings a year will take place out in the communities.

Mr. Della noted that Bob Ferguson will work out in the neighborhoods on Fridays and that he would also make that his practice. 

Mr. Della is also Vice Chair on the Public Safety Committee.  He said that police are now at a level that has not been experienced since the 1970’s.  He said that there are serious budget constraints, but it is important to maintain programs that protect the vulnerable.  This is important for our quality of life.

Mr. Della informed us that there is a joint committee with the School District and the City and he serves on that committee.  The committee meets to discuss common interests and concerns.

Rezone Requests.  Liz reported that she had spoken with Allen Justad with DPD concerning the fact that developers are coming to us for support.  He said that we do not have to do anything when approached.  We have three options:  (1) support them; (2) not support them; or (3) do nothing.  If we call Mr. Justad with project numbers, he will give us additional information about the projects.

There are four townhouses, on lot previously containing a duplex, being proposed across from Licton Springs Park.  Discussion followed.

Bert said that a building permit had been obtained for a lot over by Comcast.  It is presently commercial and the developer wants to build multifamily.  At the highest point the building would be 65 feet and then would scale down.  Discussion followed.

Bert said Greenwood is going to establish Design Review Guidelines.  The redevelopment of the area where the Greenwood Market and Fred Meyer are is in the planning stages.  This is private property and the neighborhood is concerned.

List Serve.  Bert said he would have the list serve set up.  He said he feels it is very important for information to flow between communities, as well as within communities.  He recommended that Licton Springs be a part of a wider list serve.

Northgate Stakeholders.  Jerry Owens announced the Northgate Stakeholders meeting is March 18th.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary


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