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Minutes of Board Meeting:
August 18, 2004

NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present:†Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, Shannon Snider, Wanda Fullner, and Ellen Beck.

Visitors:† Vicki Niro Osby.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and introductions were made around the table after the arrival of our visitor.

Minutes: The June 16, 2004 minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurerís Report:There was no Treasurer’s Report. Debra Willendorf explained that there was very little activity, except after sending out our Newsletters.


North Precinct Report. Ken Thompson wondered if anyone read his reports from the meetings at the North Precinct. We all assured Ken that we did. Ellen reminded Ken that she turns his e-mail reports into Word documents that are placed in the Licton Springs Community Council Minute Book.

Ken told us that Seattle has fewer police officers per 100,000 of population than any other city our size in the country. In these rough economic times, everything boils down to money and police attention goes to the worst areas of need. Ken provided a copy of a letter sent June 1, 2004 by the North Precinct Advisory Council to the Seattle City Council in connection with Police Department budget cuts.

Discussion followed regarding community policing.

Mineral Springs Park. Liz announced that Edie Whitsett needs help with watering this summer at the park. Liz explained that Mineral Springs Park had received $700,000.00 of Pro Park funding that has created an improved disc golf park plus a meditation/art park for the community. A grand opening is tentatively planned for July 10th.

No July Meeting. It was agreed that it was best to take the month of July off this summer, and begin meeting again in August.

Next Newsletter. The deadlines for the next newsletter are: Articles to Debra by August 1st; mail newsletters by August 31st/September 1st.


Halloween in the Park. Liz reported that she had spoken with Betsy Weill and that Betsy will head up Halloween festivities in Licton Springs Park again. Betsy has requested an additional cooler for the event.

Liz said that she would talk to JJ Avinger-Jacques and find out the person JJ contacted at Costco for donations of candy. Liz said she has a list of needed items to be donated or purchased for the event.

Picnic at Licton Springs Park. Our community picnic is always the second Saturday in September. This means that this year the picnic will be on September 11th. Liz explained to Vicki that the community was invited to the picnic, hotdogs, etc. donated and cooked by Larry’s Market, and side dishes brought by the community. The Community Council buys the condiments, napkins, plastic knives and forks, etc.

Liz said she had been to Larry’s Market and there is, again, a new manager there. His name is Don Oljar. Liz has spoken to him. He wasn’t aware of our community picnic, but Liz said she would refer him to the previous manager. She said that she thought we needed 350 hotdogs.

John Appel at the UPS Store will print 400 orange picnic flyers.

Liz reported on the entertainment. We will have Steve Gold and Group Satsang. They sing songs that others can sing along with, and stress that they are not performers. There is no charge for this group, but we will give them a donation. Wanda Fullner thought that she had seen this or a similar group at Bumpershoot, and that it would be very good music and entertainment.

Secondly, we are going to have the Garfield Hi School Jazz Combo. This will consist of three student musicians from Garfield High School. We will make a donation to them also, with the money going to the Garfield Jazz Foundation.

Discussion followed. Everyone agreed that the entertainment sounded great. This is the first year that we will not have the Bubbleman or something similar, but everyone felt we did not need additional entertainment.

Mineral Springs Park. Liz explained the history of Mineral Springs Park, which has just received $700,000.00 of Pro Parks levy funding, and includes a disc golf park and a meditation/art park. Ellen Beck described what had happened at the grand opening, which took place on August 14th. David Della, our City Council representative and a member of the Parks, Recreation and Education Committees, was present and spoke at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on behalf of the City. Betty Jean Brooks spoke on behalf of Ken Bounds and the Parks Department. Edie Whitsett, who adopted this park as her project (coming out of the Aurora-Licton Planning Group meetings), spoke, as well as Lowell Shields, representing the disc golfers. It was a lovely day, the park looked beautiful, and everyone who came could create their own art! Edie provided discs in honor of the grand opening and anyone, who wanted to could create their own disc art with paints Edie provided. The Parks Department provided a delicious chocolate cake for the celebration, as well as bottled water and packages of snacks. Ellen showed everyone the disc art she had made. Wanda Fullner was also at the opening and concurred that it was a very nice affair.

Newsletter. Debra said that she has gotten the mailing list program from Bert Bradley. She said that she had been able to edit the list, but has not printed or attempted to print from it as yet.

The next issue of Currents will be coming out in September. Debra said she had articles on Pilling’s Pond, Northgate, Licton Springs Park, and would include the LSCC 2002 financial statement. The picnic flyer will be an insert in the newsletter.


List Serve. Shannon Snider reported that he had researched our website and, because it was created by students at North Seattle Community College, he contacted the college about setting up a list serve for the Community Council, and THIS HAS BEEN DONE!! A round of applause for Shannon! Discussion followed. Using the list serve can save the Council money by using it to send out newsletters, picnic reminders, Halloween reminders, meeting agendas, etc.

It was decided that we could create our list serve from the e-mail addresses that have been given to us. Then we could send out an initial e-mail announcing the list serve and giving them the opportunity to opt out if they didn’t want to be on it. Shannon said he would send the Board an e-mail link to allow us to join the list serve and set our own passwords. Good work, Shannon!

Upcoming Meetings. Guests for upcoming meetings were discussed. Liz said she invite Trung Pham of SDOT to report to us in September about the status of the 100th sidewalk project. She said she would also contact Rick Barrett of the Haller Lake Community and invite him to share with us what happened at Nellie Goodhue School. It was also suggested that grant options for 2005 would be a good topic.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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