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Minutes of Board Meeting:
May 19, 2004

NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present:Jerry Owens, Wanda Fullner, Debra Willendorf, and Ellen Beck.

Directors Excused: Liz Kearns and Ted Pickett.

Board Representatives Present:Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative).

Visitors: Trung Pham (City of Seattle, Transportation Department), Jean Wirch, Shannon Snider, Robin McCain, and Sonja Condon.

Vice President Jerry Owens called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and introductions were made around the table.

Minutes: The March 17, 2004 minutes and the April 21, 2004 minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurerís Report:Debra Willendorf presented two Treasurer’s Reports: January 1, 2003 through December 31, 2003, and January 1, 2004 through May 17, 2004. She reported that donations recently have equaled dues received. We had paid for 2003 and 2004 dues to the Seattle Community Council Federation, and advertising in the Seattle Sun. We have credit for approximately two years of newsletter copying.

The 2004 Budget was discussed. The following amounts were presented:

Picnic $500.00
Halloween 125.00
Advertising – Seattle Sun 24.00
General Fund 50.00
Membership 110.00
Newsletter Postage 240.00
Newsletter Printing 00.0
Other Postage 50.00
Web Page 0.00
Domain Name 0.00

TOTAL $1099.00

Wanda Fullner moved and Jerry seconded that the 2004 Budget be approved. The Budget was approved.


Alternative Sidewalks – 100th. Trung Pham reported that the present plan was to put two blocks of alternative sidewalks on the south side of 100th from Ashworth to Densmore. The budget for the project is $40,000.00. Mr. Pham said this is a detention area with no existing storm drain system. SPU has not as yet approved the plan. Discussion followed. The sidewalk would be asphalt on top of one foot of gravel with air pockets. A neighbor on 100th has contacted the City and a traffic study will be done. The City budget picture is glum and looks to be worst in 2005. It was stated that it is dangerous for pedestrians walking on 100th. Everyone wished that this could be addressed. Mr. Pham said there were many problems on the north side of 100th, including encroaching fences and drainage problems. He said that there could perhaps be enough funding for three blocks of sidewalks. Discussion centered on the first two blocks from College Way. Mr. Pham said that perhaps it would be possible to do two blocks of sidewalks plus a walking lane on the south side down to College Way. Jerry said he could appreciate that this was not the ideal solution, but with budget constraints he was in favor of going ahead. Mr. Pham told us that the City Sidewalk Fund was in its last year. In 2005 a Local Improvement District Sidewalk Project will be put in place. He said the 100th project would be completed this summer, if the project was okayed.

Wanda moved and Ellen seconded that we proceed with the 100th project. The motion passed.

Discussion followed on ways to calm traffic, including traffic circles, signage, and chicanes.


Advertising. Debra said she had understood from the last meeting that we were going to see if there is interest in advertising in the Current. If there is not sufficient interest to fill an extra page of the newsletter, then it is not feasible to have advertising. She said she had only heard from Staci. So, there is nothing to report.

Board Positions. Directors with terms ending in 2004 have agreed to serve another term, that is until 2006. Jerry announced that Liz had suggested a slate of officers as follows:

President - Liz Kearns
Vice President - Jerry Owens
Treasurer - Debra Willendorf
Secretary - Ellen Beck.

Also, Shannon Snider has agreed to serve as a director. Wanda moved and Shannon seconded to elect the slate of officers presented. The election was unanimous. Shannon was welcomed to the Board.

Picnic. Jerry said Liz had informed him that the North Seattle Community College Band would not be playing this summer and would not be available for the September 11th picnic. Robin McCain said she knew of possibilities for entertainment. The picnic is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We do have money budgeted for entertainment.

Northgate. Jerry gave a recap of the stakeholders’ meetings and the plans for the south lot. It will be mixed use – commercial and residential. There are three proposals for daylighting Thornton Creek: (1) natural (more or less a swale – water not present at all times); (2) daylighting with an 18 foot depth; (3) hybrid proposal – daylighting plus natural drainage, with a depth of 12 feet. The hybrid proposal is getting the most support. The next stakeholders’ meeting is May 20th, and after that a meeting is planned for after Memorial Day on June 3rd. Jerry and Shannon said a lot of material still needs to be covered, including traffic and the mall proper.

Pilling Pond. Wanda passed around Seattle Magazine which has a nice article on Pilling’s Pond. Wanda reported that Bob Ferguson has assured that the money will be there. That is good news. Also, the appraisal will be paid for by the Department of Natural Resources.

Yvonne is moving out tomorrow. Her sister, Melanie, and Melanie’s husband Darryl, are in the Pilling house. The property must be sold to pay for Mrs. Pilling’s care. Melanie has been very impressed with all the interest shown in the pond. A volunteer from the University of Washington will prepare the environmental impact statement. Melanie and Darryl are hoping to purchase the property. They want to give the community an easement.

The annual meeting of the Pilling’s Pond Preservation Committee is coming up. Mike Bond is the president. Mike is over at the pond every weekend. He took the picture and was interviewed for the article in Seattle Magazine. He has made an appreciation plaque for PCC for providing greens for the ducks. There is going to be a thank you event that will be announced in the PCC newsletter. Wanda said she would send out an e-mail of the time for this event. It would be good to have a showing of community support.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck, Secretary

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