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North Seattle Police Precinct Meeting



Minutes of Board Meeting:
March 20, 2002
NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present: Jerry Owens, Debra Willendorf, Yvonne Pilling Zoretic, JJ Avinger-Jacques, and Wanda Fullner.

Visitors: Sonja Richter, Crime Prevention Coordinator of the Seattle Police Department.

The meeting began at 7:00 p.m.

Following introductions, the February 20, 2002 minutes were approved as amended by replacing "JJ Avinger-Jacques" for "Debra Willendorf" in the reference to being the liaison to the neighborhood businesses.


Treasurer's Report. The Treasurer's Report was presented by Debra Willendorf. Membership dues from January 1 through March 19 totaled $560.00. Edward Jones (Oak Tree business) gave a donation of $60.00. The Treasurer's Report was approved.

Crime Prevention Coordinator Comments. Next, Sonja Richter, Crime Prevention Coordinator from the Seattle Police Department, was introduced. Sonja offered a reminder that all residents could request a free crime prevention survey for their homes. The process takes about a half-hour. The number to call is (206) 684-7717.

Sonja Richter reported that there were 339 car prowls in the North End. That number is down from the usual 400 car prowls per month.

Sonja also shared that she has been working with a neighborhood group known as the "North Greenlake Neighborhood Association" or "90th and Aurora Group." This group started two years ago as a block watch group. They have also formed a dog walking group that includes 12 people and 17 dogs. The idea is to show a presence in the neighborhood. Last Saturday, the group met and picked up 15 bags of litter and one pick-up truck full of refuse within the first 40 minutes. Taco Bell sponsored the event with free coffee and lunch. In addition, the Taco Bell management is making a strong effort to keep the parking lot clean and prohibit loitering.

The 90th and Aurora Group plans to focus on cleaning up their area of the neighborhood between 85th and 105th along Aurora Avenue, from the present through August. Sonja will watch the crime statistics in the Aurora and 90th area to see if there efforts lead to any change. In addition to picking up litter, the group is also focusing on getting all abandoned cars out of the neighborhood. Apparently, there are frequently abandoned cars near auto repair stores in the area. Sonja stated that cars can be called in for towing within 72 hours. However, cars known as "Hulks" should be reported and towed away the SAME day. "Hulk" refers to a stripped down car, a car with a broken window, flat tires, or any sign of something wrong with the car. Such vehicles are given special attention.

Sonja informed the group that another area of concern in the neighborhood are the families and approximately 200 children living in the hotels along Aurora from North 85th to 130th. She referred to them as "hidden children" because they are not as visible to outsiders. Also of concern is the very large sex offender population coming into the hotels. The challenge here is no case management.

Over concern for these families in the hotels, Sonja has worked with a public health nurse at Northwest Hospital to set up free healthcare clinic days at the hotels. During the last one held, eight people showed up to take advantage.

Sonja stated that if any community member sees a problem or violation that could affect the health of people staying/living in the hotels, this should be reported to the Washington Department of Health, as hotels fall into their jurisdiction because they are transient accommodations. A state inspector can then come out to the hotel and that can result in mold being cleaned up, new carpeting installed, and improved health and safety.

Sonja reminded all present that Mayor Greg Nickels has instituted the "Clean Seattle Initiative," asking citizens to compile lists of streetlights that are out or flickering or broken. and send this information to Tom Gannon at SPU. As part of the initiative, citizens' groups can be provided with dump passes, gloves, litter bags, etc. for clean-up projects in neighborhoods. There will be such a clean-up on March 27th, in Lake City. Sonja has also been pleased by the quick response of the SPU street-sweepers lately. A call can be placed through Roxanne Thomas at SPU to get your street on their list.

Weed Siege Function. JJ Avinger-Jacques gave an update on the planned May 4, "Spring Clean Up" to take place at NSCC. All community members are encouraged to attend the event, which will include weeding and beautifying the College Way median from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and then enjoying a free barbecue. There is also a possibility of a "fee trade" area being set up and possibly city sponsored dumpsters. Tom Gannon is also working on a grant for a fall flea market event at NSCC. All are encouraged to attend.

2002 Budget. Next was a discussion of the 2002 budget. Debra explained the budget item for the picnic had increased to $625.00 (previously it was $600.00).

Then there was discussion about the web page. It was budgeted at $400.00 for the year. There will be further discussion with Liz Kearns when she returns as she is coordinator for the web page. JJ Avinger-Jacques pointed out that she has not been able to get the updated Newsletters to Julia to put on the web page because JJ's computer is a dinosaur and is unable to upload the required memory. JJ asked the Council to consider the purchase of a compatible zip drive to "loan" to the editor to solve this problem. JJ would also like the Council to consider printing up to 200 additional Newsletters which she could really use to hand out. Wanda suggested that we consider using the $400.00 budgeted for the web page (which Julia has been doing for free) to help pay for the additional copies requested this year. It was pointed out that we have prepaid copies for two more Newsletter cycles with two more to put together for this year. This is good news.

Debra changed the "membership" category amount to $60.00. It used to be $110.00, but Debra could not find out why. The budget was approved as written and it was agreed by unanimous vote that if there is extra money in the budget, it should be spent on extra copies of the Newsletter to further promote the neighborhood causes and fundraising needs.

501(c)(3). Wanda Fullner reported on 501(c)(3) status. She stated that Jan had looked into it a few years ago and determined that it would be too much work. Wanda suggested that if we needed it someday, we could look into it at that time. It was pointed out that Ellen Beck has mentioned in the past that she works with an attorney who offered his help if needed. JJ encouraged the group to consider the status to help with future community efforts.

Priorities for 2002. Discussion proceeded and it was determined that priorities included Pilling's Pond, Wilson-Pacific ball field redevelopment, the mural art project (JJ turned in the grant application on Monday), and Licton and Mineral Springs Parks. Debra Willendorf also suggested that the Council consider an outreach program to address the transient hotel population along Aurora including 200 children, perhaps at Christmas time. One idea would be to put together and deliver Christmas baskets.

Pilling's Pond. Wanda Fullner gave a report for the Pilling's Pond Committee. The next step for the group is fundraising. At the last meeting, the engineer for the group, Eric Davido, presented a way to mechanize the water flow system to the pond. Andrew Schmidt of Cynthia Sullivan's office, discussed potential separation of Licton Springs clean water to be routed to Green Lake instead of its current destination of going to sewage treatment. Wanda stated that the group is having a plaque made to thank Cynthia Sullivan for her support. When she presents the plaque, she intends to raise the idea proposed by Andrew.

Board Functioning. Debra Willendorf offered that her partner, Jackie, has offered to come and share her expertise by offering advice on how to achieve successful board functioning. As there was a lot of support for the idea, the Council will try to arrange for Jackie to be a guest at one of the next few meetings.

Mural Art, Etc. JJ Avinger-Jacques reported that she turned in the grant proposal for $5,000.00 for the mural art project this week. She also was able to interview David Quiring of Quiring Monuments for the Newsletter. JJ would like the Council to try to find an interested merchant from the Aurora Merchants or Oak Tree Merchants Associations to sit on the LSCC Board.

Comfort Station. There was discussion about how the forecasted decreases in government budgets might affect the Licton Springs Park comfort station. It was decided that, if the Council needed to prioritize as a result of decreased funding, the highest priority was a new door on the men's bathroom. JJ agreed to e-mail Rich Hennings with these comments.

Jerry announced local meetings to take place in the community. If interested, contact Jerry for more information.

Debra will attend the Northwest District Council meeting for JJ on Wednesday, March 27.

Discussion about advertisements in future Newsletters was tabled for a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvonne Pilling Zorectic
A Very Modest Stand-in for our fine Secretary, Ellen Beck

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