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Minutes of Board Meeting:
November 14, 2001
NSCC President's Board Room

Directors Present: Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, J.J. Avinger-Jacques, Ellen Beck, Yvonne Zoretic and Bert Bradley.

Board Representatives Present: Jan Brucker (Arts Council), and Wally Fosmore (North Seattle Community College Representative).

Visitors: Chris Herman.

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m., welcoming everyone. We then went around the table and all present introduced themselves.

Minutes: The October 17, 2001 meeting minutes were not ready for review. Ellen obtained all notes from Bert and Yvonne (to combine with notes from Liz), plus the October Treasurer's Report and the sign-in sheets. The minutes will be completed and then e-mailed around to directors for review and, hopefully, approval.

Treasurer's Report: Debra Willendorf was not present at our meeting, but submitted a written Treasurer's report showing LSCC having a balance of $618.60 as of November 13, 2001. Liz announced the need for a membership drive to bring monies into our treasury that will support the traditional activities that LSCC will be sponsoring in 2002.


Membership Drive. Liz announced that Phil Fujii had made $500.00 in outreach funds available to both the Pilling's Pond Committee and for the Licton Springs Community Council. The Pilling's Pond Committee already has receipts in hand for the $500.00 it will receive. The Licton Springs Community Council will need (in 2001) to mail out a membership/Newsletter to qualify for the $500.00 offered to it. Liz said that $500.00 would allow us to mail out 1,000 copies (more if white paper was used instead of colored paper). This would be a Newsletter that was one page, double-sided (front side with message and list of projects; back page with Membership Application and space for the mailing address) with the primary focus will be membership. Discussion followed. Liz said that she would begin the message section and then would e-mail it around for others to add their thoughts.

Other fundraising options were discussed. J.J. suggested a big ticket raffle, where we could partner with a nonprofit organization. She said that in California she had been involved with raffling off cars. These raffles, selling tickets for $100.00, were very successful and had raised a lot of money. People will be anxious to buy tickets where the odds are this good and it's possible to win a big ticket item like a car. It also provides publicity and business for the car dealer, so they are willing to cooperate. J.J. said that even if the car needs to be paid off, a good profit is still made. Tickets could be sold all over--not just in our neighborhood.

Bulk Mail. Bert gave an explanation of our recent mailing costs and options for bulk mailing were discussed. If the Newsletter is sent through a mailing service, the service's bulk mail permit can be used. Jan Brucker said that Prestige Printing (which is close to the Northgate Post Office) offers a good rate and will take care of bulk mailings. The Citizens for a Liveable Northgate have used Prestige Printing. Jan said it was the best rate that Citizens for a Liveable Northgate had been able to locate.

Jan Brucker suggested that LSCC organize a January meeting on transportation, parking, and sidewalks. The membership/Newsletter could announce the transportation meeting.

Bert announced that there was going to be a ETC board meeting in December at City Light. Also, Ed Stone would like to have another public meeting in the north end. The Greenwood/Phinney neighborhoods would like to have other north end neighborhoods combine with them for a “north end coalition.”

Liz stated that perhaps that meeting should be in February, since there is a lot to be coordinated. Also, the Police Department would like to have a combined meeting with surrounding communities and organizations regarding the North Precinct. They want this meeting to be in January or February 2002. This would be a meeting separate from the LSCC Board meeting, but LSCC would sponsor the meeting. The City would pay for the mailing of the public announcement of that meeting.

Discussion followed. It was agreed that LSCC should begin completing the paperwork to become a 501(3)(c) corporation. It will perhaps be a lengthy process, but there is good reason to do it.

Mural Small and Simple. J.J. announced that the Small and Simple for the murals at Wilson-Pacific would be submitted in January. J.J. reported on a telephone conference she had had with Laurie Aimes. With a Small and Simple amount of $10,000.00, the project would need to be put out to bid and interested artists allowed to apply. If a $5,000.00 amount was requested, the artist could be designated. J.J. said that she had discussed the alternatives with Andrew and that he was in favor of the $10,000.00 Small and Simple being applied for.

Licton Springs Park Comfort Station/Kiosk. A new kiosk and comfort station are being researched at this time. J.J. made a presentation for a comfort station, and also the addition of a kitchen/prep area structure. J.J.'s proposal would include daylighting the bathrooms and installing passive solar and/or photovoltaic panels, installing a partial "green roof" to control water runoff, and making every effort to recycle the materials and the art panels from the existing comfort station. This project would enable us to partner with the EcoGuild, an organization of "green" builders, designers, architects, contractors, etc. In addition, this project would have the potential to be a showcase for the surrounding communities and the city for using sustainable products in new innovative designs. It could also be used as an educational module for the community-at-large, from school children to builders.

Board members were supportive of the project.

Jan Brucker pointed out that the Parks Department would/could be a snag in the furthering of the project because of liability criteria. Bert Bradley pointed out that the Police Department would also have input regarding the comfort station.

Liz Kearns said that Eleanor Mason will be the Project Manager for the contract. Eleanor is also the project manager for the Licton Spring bridges. Preliminary planning is going on now. Planning meetings have not yet begun.

J.J. introduced Chris Herman who is involved in "green" building and gave us additional information and answered questions. He also had pictures, which he shared with us, taken of "green" building projects, both residential and commercial.

Liz and Jan recommended that J.J. contact Eleanor Mason as soon as possible. If this is done, the Parks Department can make their suggestions/requests in the early stages when they are easily accommodated.


Northgate Community Center. Liz again asked for a volunteer to be our representative to the Project Advisory Team for the new Northgate Community Center. There will monthly meetings for a year to 18 months. The representative does not have to be a Board member, but can be anyone residing in our community.

SR 99. Jerry reported that there will be an open meeting in March. There is a desire to go into communities and make presentations. On December 6th there is a transportation meeting at Haller Lake. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

Jerry said that Aurora/SR 99 is divided into seven sections. Licton Springs is in Sections 4 and 5. There are problems with SR 99 because the roadbed is too narrow for the loan it carries and the speed of some vehicles is excessive. Banking of the roadway is non-existent and the power poles are too close. The worst intersections for accidents are 85th and Aurora and 90th and Aurora. The worst intersection in the state for pedestrian accidents is 90th and Aurora.

Discussion followed. It was suggested that perhaps our February meeting could focus on transportation.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen M. Beck

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