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Minutes of Board Meeting: 
January 17, 2001
NSCC President’s Board Room

Present:  Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Wanda Fullner, John Meerscheidt, Bob Messina, Debra Willendorf, Jan Brucker, and Ellen Beck.

Absent:  Sheryl Stich.

Visitors:  Phil Fuji (Neighborhood Development Manager, Northwest Sector, Department of Neighborhoods), John Labovitz (Head of LSCC Historical Committee), Carol Tobin and Mimi Sheridan (historians working on our project), Yvonne Zoretic, Becky Benton, Bob Benton, Bert Bradley, Ken Thompson, Jean Wirch, Paul Tomita, Meghan Stedman, Steve Hughes, Neil Best, Jan Avinger-Jacques, and Andrew Schmid (Legislative Aid to Councilwoman Cynthia Sullivan).

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. and everyone introduced themselves.

MinutesThe November 15, 2000 meeting minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:  Debra Willendorf submitted a written Treasurer’s report reflecting LSCC’s balance being $569.27 as of January 5, 2001.  Debra noted that she has received $300.00 in dues.

Liz stated that LSCC dues are $15.00 a year.  The dues support our Newsletter, the annual picnic in Licton Springs Park, and Halloween in the Park.  Wanda Fullner questioned the cost of maintaining LSCC’s website.  Liz stated that the website costs are paid monthly and have been prepaid for 2001.  The website now counts “hits.”

Vote on Board Seat:  Randy Elder regretfully gave up his Board seat late last year due to purchasing a home outside of our community.  Liz announced that Yvonne Zoretic, granddaughter of Chuck Pillings and a member of this community, had indicated her willingness to serve.  Liz inquired if anyone else was interested in joining the Board at the present time.  Hearing no stated interest, Liz moved that Yvonne Zoretic be elected to complete Randy Elder’s term on the Board.  Yvonne next was asked to tell something about herself.  She related that she has lived in the community since 1994.  She got married in 1997, and she and her husband live in the home next-door to her grandfather.  Yvonne said she was interested in working on the “Pillings Pond committee.”  Yvonne was unanimously elected.  Thank you for your interest and willingness to work on the Community Council, Yvonne!


Historical Project:  Mimi Sheridan and Carol Tobin gave an update of the historical materials they have gathered and the sources they have used to obtain the information thus far compiled in connection with researching the history of our neighborhood.  The materials, which are voluminous, will not all fit into the community brochure to be developed, but all materials will be given to the Council.  They have information on the prehistory, Native American history, natural history, and the early white settlement (by the Denny family).  They have conducted numerous oral life histories of individuals, including Chuck Pillings, and have also traced property ownership and physical development of the neighborhood.  The history of public institutions, post war development of Northgate and the freeway, the Hadley family and their skating rink, etc. is included, as well as the Interurban, Aurora, Aurora cutting through Woodland Park, the Aurora Bridge, and the oldest structures on Aurora Avenue.  Mimi and Carol asked for suggestions and received feedback.  Native American history was emphasized as needing to be included.  Everyone was fascinated and very impressed with the wealth of information and history already gathered for the community!  It is exciting to have this project ongoing and we eagerly await the historical brochure.

Seattle Planning Commission Survey:  Paul Tomita explained that he is a citizen volunteer and at our meeting to ask us questions regarding our community planning process.  The Planning Commission, of which he is a member, consists of 15 volunteers who make up an oversight group that acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council and Mayor.  Meghan Stedman came with Paul to our meeting to take notes.  She said the Council will receive a written report of the survey results.

Paul asked for our positive/negative experiences on how our neighborhood plan is going and how we feel about the stewardship support offered by the City Department of Neighborhoods, etc.  He asked for our main goals coming out of neighborhood planning.  Jan Brucker responded regarding developing a commercial area to the east of Aurora at several locations.  Jan said that we needed to have support similar to the Northgate workshops to get people focused on thinking about alternatives and possibilities.  Secondly Jan mentioned Wilson Pacific as being very important to the community.  She said that the neighborhood really needs help bringing the School District to the table and setting up a line of communication.  With the School District consolidating and moving into the remodeled post office building south of downtown, it is our understanding that Wilson Pacific will be vacated.  What are the plans for that site?  The community has long desired a presence in that facility.

Phil Fuji noted that the Department now has dedicated individuals working with neighborhoods.  He felt this had improved communication and was helpful because the neighborhoods knew who to contact.  Phil was sorry to have to inform us that Christopher Williams is leaving our area to work in the Southeast Region.  Liz added that she knew Christopher was excited about this because it would be a challenge and the Southeast Region does not have the facilities that exist in other parts of the City.  Phil said that they were working on getting us someone else who would work equally hard on our concerns and interests.

Paul Tomita asked how our EIF funds had been used.  Liz noted that we had used EIF funds for our Newsletter (outreach), the History Project, North Park (developing a park plan for the portion of the property not used as part of the Disc Golf course), and for a new informational kiosk (at Licton Springs Park).

Jan Brucker said that she felt communities should be brought into the budgeting process and be able to have input at the earlier stages of formalizing the budget.  Phil agreed that this was a good point and noted that the City is going on a biennial budget.

Phil again mentioned the possibility of exploring sidewalk alternatives for 100th.  He mentioned exploring a demonstration fund of $500,000.00 for additional sidewalk alternatives.

The response to Paul was very positive with regards to help, guidance, funding we have thus far received from the Department of Neighborhoods and the Parks Department.

Paul thanked us for our input and said he was impressed with the work of the Board and he noted that we certainly did seem to have our projects well organized and well underway.

Friends of Pillings Pond:  Bob Messina related how he had become aware of funding available through Cynthia Sullivan’s office in a conversation he had with Andrew Schmid.  Andrew Schmid also gave information about the funding available, which is not linked to matching funds.  He said there was a total of $30,000.00 in a Special Projects Fund which is available to be divided among three neighborhoods.  LSCC could apply for a $10,000.00 grant to hire a consultant for the Pillings Pond project.

Off the subject momentarily, Andrew also advised us that the Council should look to the Wallingford community for design guidelines.  Wallingford has completed a design review project.

Also, for traffic concerns, Fremont has used a computer model.  Andrew said we could also contact Steve Louie of the Lake Union District Council.  Also, urban designers have boilerplates and a lot of experience in this area, plus DCLU will provide staff support.

Back to Pillings Pond – a project monitor will be assigned for the project.  He mentioned it could possibly be someone like Steve Humphries of King County Parks.  Andrew said that there would be additional funds available in the 2002 budget.  He advised the greater benefits of getting King County involved because this brings in a lot more funding and help with drainage issues.  Andrew noted that capital project funds for the county involve large money funds.

Phil Fuji noted that the City could possibly want ownership until the drainage problems are resolved.  It is important to get the School District to cooperate and work with Licton Springs on Pillings Pond.  It is crucial that the various agencies with interests get coordinated so that the best use is made of available assistance.  It is vital to have everyone on the same page at the outset rather than coming in later.  Perhaps a tour could be arranged, etc., and a kick-off event planned.

The consultant to be hired would bring out all the options available and educate us on the possibilities available to us with this project.

Andrew said that the State Legislature is also a place to look.  We could contact the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition/Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (name not 100% accurate perhaps).  This is a large agency that is relatively unknown.  It has funds available to buy rural and urban parcels.

Following the above discussion, a motion was made by Wanda Fullner, “That the Council establish the Pillings Pond Committee and appoint Wanda Fullner and Bob Messina as co-chairs, with Debra Willendorf and Yvonne Zoretic also on the Committee.”  This motion was passed unanimously.  Wanda announced that the Committee would meet on Monday evening, 6:00 p.m. in Room 307, Wilson Pacific.  Location to be confirmed.  Andrew Schmid said he would attend the meeting.

Phil Fuji passed out information regarding a Stakeholders’ Workshop for the 2001 Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction Plan Amendment Project to be held on Thursday, January 8, 2001.  It is hosted by Seattle Public Utilities.  Phil said he would be attending the workshop.

Jan Brucker stated that because of the projects being handled by the Board, she urged consideration be given to adding Board members as the workload increases.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck

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