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Minutes of Board Meeting: 
June 20, 2001
NSCC President’s Board Room

Directors Present:  Liz Kearns, Jerry Owens, Yvonne Zoretic, Wanda Fullner, Debra Willendorf, Bert Bradley, JJ Avinger-Jacques, and Ellen Beck.

Board Representatives Present:  John Labovitz (Historical Committee Chair) and Ken Thompson (North Precinct Representative).

Visitors:  Belinda Gigliotti (Northwest Sector Manager, Department of Parks and Recreation), Eleanor Mason (Department of Parks and Recreation), David Paul (Indian Heritage School), Brenda McDonnell, Jean Wirch, Julia Christensen, Sydney Cushing, Andrew Schmid (Legislative Aid to County Councilwoman Cynthia Sullivan), Phil Fujii (Neighborhood Development Manager, Northwest Sector, Department of Neighborhoods), Steve Church (Seattle City Light), and Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nickels (Mr. Nickels is a King County Councilman running for mayor of Seattle).

President Liz Kearns called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m., welcoming everyone.  We then went around the table and all present introduced themselves.

MinutesThe May 16, 2001 meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s Report:  Debra Willendorf submitted a written Treasurer’s report showing LSCC having a balance of $1,068.81 as of June 19, 2001, as well as a comparison between the 2000 budget and proposed 2001 budget.  The report and 2001 budget were unanimously approved.  Debra raised the issue of changing LSCC’s accounting to a calendar year basis.


Licton Springs Park – Bridges.  Eleanor Mason, Seattle Parks Department, Project Manager for bridge replacement at Licton Springs Park, spoke to the group.  She explained current requirements are that bridges over 30 inches over the ground need to have railings and meet other ADA requirements.  She told us that there is $50,000 of construction money to address the bridge issues in Licton Springs Park.  This amount is not large enough to fix all of the bridges.  She asked for our preferences.  A discussion followed exploring possibilities.  Ms. Mason informed us that the comfort station at the Park is in this year’s Capital Improvement Plan.  The comfort station will be designed in 2002 and built in 2003.

Ms. Mason said that our bridges were put in 20 years ago.  She said an architect/engineer was needed for the project, and told us she had contacted Peggy Gaynor and Steve Worthy, neither of whom was able to take on our project at this time.  She said she would be talking to Robert Foley, who was not only a landscape architect, but also an engineer.  If he is available, it would be appropriate for him to survey the Park in connection with the bridges and come up with alternatives and costs for each alternative for us to consider.  He also could do a plan for the whole bridge system and then we could perhaps work on the bridges in phases.

The consensus was that the community wants to preserve the character of the Park/bridges.  Liz Kearns wanted to include the option of not replacing the bridges if their character could not be preserved.  Ms. Mason said that perhaps it would be possible to meet the expectations of the ADA, but not require every bridge in the Park to meet ADA standards.  We need to make allowances so that people with disabilities can enjoy what the park offers.  Discussion followed.

Debra Willendorf questioned whether, even in 1998, there was enough money available for all of the Licton Springs Park bridges to be replaced at that time.  The answer was “probably not.”  Debra suggested that it was necessary to have options presented to the community at public meetings.  She wondered if it would be possible to have a public meeting the end of July for this purpose.

Greg Nickels.  Greg Nickels, King County Councilman, who is running for mayor of Seattle next spoke to the group and answered questions.  Mr. Nickels lives in West Seattle and has had a passion for politics from a young age.  He worked on the campaign of Jim McDermott for governor and was an intern for Warren Magnuson.  He said that he would focus on transportation, neighborhoods, and public safety if elected.  He answered questions and related his areas of concentration on the King County Council.


North Park/Mineral Springs.  Liz handed out copies of a flyer for the June 30th Art-In-The-Park Event.  She urged everyone to attend.  Liz announced that Darwin Nordin is the artist who will be helping to create works of art.  The Event starts at 10:00 a.m. and continues until 6:00 p.m.

Historical Booklet.  Copies of the “Licton Springs, A Neighborhood History” were available.  Liz announced that Bert Bradley and John Labovitz had volunteered to help get out the mailing of this booklet to the 430 people on our mailing list.  Our return address will be used on this mailing so that incorrect addresses can be culled out of our mailing list.

Wilson-Pacific Small & Simple.  A discussion took place regarding the Wilson-Pacific Small and Simple Application.  Phil Fujii noted that he was having meetings with John Vacchiery and Kathy Johnson.  He said that the Mayor was sending a memorandum to Diana Gale and Ken Bounds regarding their departments supporting the community.

Wanda Fullner moved that the Licton Springs Community Council support the Small and Simple Application being made in connection with the Wilson-Pacific site; said Application to be reviewed by the Board.  This motion was seconded by Bert Bradley and passed unanimously.

Pillings Pond Small & Simple.  Wanda Fullner said that initially the Pillings Pond Committee had been told that they did not qualify for a Small and Simple because of Pilling’s Pond being on private property.  But further research showed that they could, in deed, qualify.  Wanda passed out copies of the Application.

Ellen Beck moved that the Licton Springs Community Council support the Small and Simple Application being made in connection with Pilling’s Pond; the final form of said Application to be e-mailed to the Board and final approval to be obtained via e-mail.  This motion was seconded by Yvonne Zoretic and passed unanimously.

Newsletter/Post Card.  It was decided to not have a postcard to advertise the July meeting.  There will be a Newsletter for September, which Debra Willendorf volunteered to oversee.  A flyer will advertise the picnic, which Liz will handle.

Board Elections.  We have two vacant positions on the Board.  Ken Thompson said that he is still considering whether to make the commitment, but he is willing to be our representative at the North Precinct.  Everyone agree that that was outstanding if he would go to the meetings at the Precinct.  Ken said that he lives very close to the Precinct so he would have no problem doing that and will report to the Board via e‑mail.

Wanda nominated JJ Avinger-Jacques to serve on the Board and she agreed.  She was elected unanimously.

The slate of officers--

  • Liz Kearns, President
  • Jerry Owens, Vice President
  • Ellen Beck, Secretary
  • Debra Willendorf, Treasurer

was elected by acclamation with the motion made by Liz and seconded by Jerry.  The election was unanimous.

City Light.  Steve Church announced that the remodel at City light was virtually finished.  He said that the Hadley skating building had suffered damages in the last earthquake and now is in hazardous condition and will be demolished.  Mr. Church said that lot would be used for additional parking.  He said that City Light was working on their landscaping and planned to remove the “pipes” sculpture.  He said they would have other artwork in the future with more of a tie to electricity.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen M. Beck

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